Africa Vulnerable Children Project Story



Background and History:

When Living Compassion was introduced to Kantolomba compound, a slum on the outskirts of Ndola, Zambia, we found a community of 8,000 adults and 3,000 children lacking in all basic services: no safe drinking water, medical care, employment, adequate housing, electricity, or schools. We asked a resident, “What would you do if you had money?” “I’d feed the children. Many are not eating,” she answered. We enthusiastically responded, “We can help with that.” In August 2005, we began feeding 40 children. In a few years that number grew to more than 650; plus, the children began going to school.


And now the project had expanded to include a new well to provide the clean drinking water; a community building which houses a medical center, a sewing cooperative, classrooms, and a gathering place for community support and connection; a school/food program which includes more children each year; a men’s cooperative; adult education programs; and support for micro-businesses.  Each change creates more possibilities for the people of Kantolomba to lift themselves out of poverty and become self-reliant.






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