Gratitude wants to give

"Spiritual practice begins when we lose interest in what we can get and start focusing on we can give."

As we learn to embrace ourselves in unconditional love and acceptance, we experience a profound sense of well-being and joy. We begin to do what we do as a thank you to life for all that we have been given. It is in this spirit that we do the work of the Africa Vulnerable Children Project.

A vision for a community

The project operates in Kantolomba, a small slum outside Ndola, Zambia. Theresa Kapenda, who was born and raised in Kantolomba, had a vision to create a community that could feed its children. Theresa asked Cheri if she would help her make that vision a reality. And the Africa project was born.


It continues in the spirit of collaboration and partnership that it was forged in. The Living Compassion co-operative runs the program that provides proper nutrition, safe housing, health care, employment, clean water and education to its members and the children of the community. There are currently 800 children in the Living Compassion nutrition program.

The journey

It has been a great pleasure over the years to document our journey in Kantolomba. We invite you to relive that journey with us.

Theresa, the coordinator of the project in Kantolomba, and her team are diligent about sending news every week. Check out our Wall of current happenings in the project.

Get involved

It takes all of us to build this community, and we welcome your participation!



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