Gratitude wants to give

Several practitioners embraced the Five-Mile Challenge as a way to fundraise for the project in Africa. They have had grand success! Read their reports below.



  1. I have completed my goal of 5-miles per day until reaching 300 miles. It was truly wonderful, getting out there every day knowing that what was assisting my fitness and enjoyment of nature was also generating much needed dollars for the folks in Kantolomba. Having met that goal yet not wishing to let go such a marvelous support of fitness I've taken up another "challenge," one inspired by another fundraiser--picking up trash from along my routes. Great for body, emotions, mind, and spirit! Thanks to everyone for all the inspiration and support.

  2. I completed my seven days of stopping at least 20 times each day to focus on the space between the thoughts. I’m happy to say I’m now addicted and plan never to quit. I’m more convinced than ever that living in Presence is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and All!
    Thank you for your sponsorship and support!

  3. I completed my challenge of 20 minutes of sun salutations first thing in the morning for 30 days. Strengthened all round by it, and grateful for the support of Sangha that got me launched with this. Continuing right on with the challenge... Thank you for your support and sponsorship! Gasshō

  4. My 40 day challenge is complete. I walked the steps 37 days. My knees were unable to tolerate the steps on the other three days. Instead of walking I completed my commitment by stretching and massaging my knees. Adapting required me to show compassion for my body. It also allowed me to see the voices tell me if I do not do it “perfectly” it does not count. Well it does count and I am celebrating completing my challenge. Knowing my efforts would benefit the children of Kantolomba and that the Sangha was cheering me on kept me going, especially on the days when “I did not feel like it”. Gassho

  5. It is with great excitement that I report practice success! I have been able to see so much around how conditioning subverts Life’s impulses. In peeling back ego voices around how “I” work (standards) or that “I” will not be able to honor this commitment (not enough), what was available to me was the joy of immersion. And best of all, I get to keep going! I am immensely grateful for all the support and generosity. And delighted to offer *anyone* who so desires, a small drawing, emblematic of my challenge. Gassho.

  6. I completed my commitment of 25 sessions of doing a task without conditioning's pressure "to finish it" and "do it right". It is clear that this brings energy and joy to the day! I have noticed subtle differences on days that I do not bring this consciousness to a daily task. Practicing in this way is a powerful reminder that this is how I want to live!
    Thank you for all the support for this opportunity for me and for the community in Kantolomba.

  7. I kept my commitment of practicing formally for at least 5 minutes every day. Since the challenge started I have not missed a day and am not planning to ever stop. Formal training helps me keep a “Practice mindset” throughout the day, which makes my life easier during a pretty overwhelming time. It also helps me be a nicer peron to others even when I am really stressed. Infinite thanks to Practice and to everyone sponsoring me.

  8. I finished my challenge of doing 10 sun salutations a day, or 70 salutations a week until I reached 365 salutations (the number of days in my 70th year of birth.) I love how I feel in both body and mind through doing this challenge, and I know and feel that in supporting myself, I am supporting ALL. With love and gratitude for this opportunity. Thank you for your sponsorship and support!

  9. I completed all 32 days of following my practice schedule! (And now I'm continuing on!) Thank you to sangha for the support to help me create a strong foundation in training to focus on goodness and presence by following this schedule, and in turn being able to be of benefit to the Africa project. What a win-win-win!

    1. My challenge was to pick an encouragement from a hat every time I did something that supported the body, and collect them in a jar. During the time period of the challenge I picked 150 encouragements! And then I emptied the jar and started again. No sign of stopping now. Thank you all so much.

    2. I'm delighted to report that I've completed my writing project, one 15-minute segment at a time, over six weeks. It was a wonderful way to see egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate at work and to choose Presence instead. Thanks to all for your generosity and support! Gassho

    3. I sang every day for 27 days. It was a lovely way to connect with my heart, with joy, and with this project that I love. Thank you for your support!

    4. With 15 minutes/day writing on the book, there are now 74 pages or 27,000 words on the page. The practice of keeping my daily commitment to write has been a valuable lesson in practicing presence, allowing Life to move through this person onto the page, which is such a powerful experience!

    5. I have completed 27 love letters in December, my goal was 20. Also during this time 9 letters of appreciation were completed and sent to family members as Christmas gifts. I have truly enjoyed this discipline and now listen to one love letter each night before bed.
      Thank you for your sponsorship and funding to children in Kantilomba.

    6. I completed my 6 weeks commitment to do the chakra prostrations every day, I am thrilled that I have been doing them every day since. My body has grown stronger, and each time I do them I am reminded that being Present to Life's love, abundance, creativity, compassion, wisdom, joy and peace is a gift that flows through me out into the Universe. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of Sangha's support for our dear friends in Kantolomba, Thank you for your sponsorship and support.

    7. I completed and have extended my commitment of daily stretching and strengthening for my back. I am grateful for the benefits of a strong, healthy, flexible back! Gassho.

    8. My challenge was to snowshoe 7500 strides (steps) per day, for 60 days, to reach the goal of 450,000 strides. I exceeded my goal, with a total of 558,000 steps an average of 9000 per day. The many gifts I received was supporting the Africa project, renewing the joy of winter, and encountering the natural beauty of snow-capped mountains, bear, coyote, and deer along my travels. Thank you for your sponsorship and support!

    9. I completed thirty days of practicing the piano for 20 minutes. It was a joy to be a beginner, to have a tune slowly and miraculously unfold itself. I am so grateful for the 5 mile challenge that prompted me to start playing and for the sponsorships that kept me inspired to keep going. Now I have signed up for lessons and plan to continue to learn, defying the nay saying voices with 20 minutes of joy a day.

    10. I modified my challenge from the original goal to reach 10,000 steps by day 31, with 176,902 steps total and 71 miles total. In 32 days, I was able to reach 12,486 steps on the last day, walking each day, with the final total 165,474 steps for a total of 66 miles total. I'm joyfully continuing my step journey, taking walks daily, being with nature and life and connecting more deeply with this human! Thank you for your support!

    11. I completed my 49 days of beach cleaning and carted away over 300 pounds of garbage. I want to approach the rest of my days with a sense of awareness and wonder at what Life presents that I experienced at the beach. Fundraising was a joyous and liberating experience, and I'm grateful for all support.

    12. How exquisite - to begin each day with poetry!  Lovely words, elegantly crafted acknowledging the beauty of nature and the strength of the human spirit.  I now have a wonderful playlist of these special poems.  And it was really special to spend 10 minutes BEING with nature everyday, bringing my sense of sight, hearing, smelling and touch to the miracles of the sun, rain, trees and wind.  It was truly glorious.  I'm happy to report that I did these two practices every day for 40 days!  Knowing it was for the beautiful people of the Africa Vulnerable Children Project kept me motivated and kept me inspired.  Gassho

    13. I loved doing the Morning Ritual and adding in the 70 pushups as a challenge. My upper body has gotten much stronger and I intend to keep going indefinitely. Thank you for your support and sponsorship!

    14. I met my goal of keeping all three commitments on 34 days out of my challenge period. R&L proved very powerful in strengthening my practice. I find that I particularly like the combination of R&L and walking. I like to record about all the beautiful things I notice on my walks and find this an excellent activity to bring me back to presence when I am feeling stuck. I love how strong and alive my  body feels and have worked up to doing 50 minute virtual kettlebell classes a couple of times a week as well as my shorter sessions.While strength training doesn’t seem like a spiritual practice I find that it allows me to feel much more present in my body and it feels as important to my practice as meditating. Thank you for this opportunity and for the support, it really helped me to stick to keeping my commitments.

    15. I completed my 50 days of training and my Mind-Body-Spirit Triathlon. This was a transformative experience to practice in this way every day. The culminating event of the 2-day triathlon was filled with activities for the Mind: graduation ceremonies; Body: exercise and nutrition; Spirit: an online retreat with meditation. Thank you for your sponsorship and support!