Follow their Lead

Follow their Lead

When asked what she would do to help her community, Theresa said without hesitation, “I would feed the children.” Josephine later articulated the reason why. “I want to make a better life for my children.”

The Africa Vulnerable Children Project was born in response to the clarity and vision of leaders like Theresa and Jospehine. A generous Sangha has come together each year to support the work of Living Compassion Kantolomba so a community of courageous and hardworking women and men can realize their dream of a better future for their children. It was a truly historic moment for all of us when this July Miriam and Sylvia, the first girls to graduate from grade twelve, were accepted into nursing school.

A possibility only dreamed of has become a reality.

This Bridge Walk season we come together once again to celebrate what this Sangha and the Kantolomba Community have accomplished, re-committing to support the work of the Africa Vulnerable Children Project, enabling many more girls and boys to have the life that Josephine dreamed for them.

The women and men of Living Compassion Kantolomba do the work of the project with compassion, courage, willingness and generosity. Here are nine remarkable stories that illustrate their commitment and, we hope, will inspire us all to choose a team to support.

The new website makes it easy to set and track fundraising goals, create individual fundraising pages and share enthusiasm for this project. We hope that friends, family, neighbors and co-workers will be invited to join the fun.
Between September 25, 2018, and January 15, 2019, the goal is to raise the $100,000 needed each year to support the work of the project.
  • Visit the Celebrate Courage, Generosity, and Family website.
  • Choose one of nine teams to support.
  • Make a donation directly to a team or on behalf of someone you love.
  • If inspired to become a fundraiser, create your own fundraising page and goal and invite your loved ones to participate.
  • Join the twice-monthly support calls for fundraisers. Dates and times will be emailed.
  • Re-visit the site to track our progress towards the goal.
  • Listen to the launch of the campaign on good news and a step through of how to use the fundraising site.
  • Watch a video on how to set up your fundraising page 
  • Use this visual guide to set up your fundraising page
This year, the Bridge Walk celebration was held in Kantolomba, Zambia. Watch the video!