Why We Walk Together
Sangha in Sanskrit means those who walk together.
It takes approximately 52 million steps to walk from San Francisco to Kantolomba.
There is a saying in our practice that we will do for the love of others what we would never do for ourselves.
We can prove the truth of that saying by walking this distance together as a Sangha, keeping our commitment to caring for our bodies while supporting the project we love, and practicing benefiting all sentient beings.
Announcing the Bridge Walk Theme for 2014: Why we walk together!
Sangha, the community of people who train and practice together, is one of the three jewels the Buddha left us with. He knew from his own experience that awakening and ending suffering is too big a task to attempt on one's own. We need the strength, the kindness, the support, and the generosity of others on the path to sustain us when we falter. When we add the element of doing for the love of others more than we would be willing to do just for ourselves, we take a giant step out of the illusion that "I" am separate and alone, getting to live the experience of belonging to Life, of being in harmony with all that is. We can think of no better expression of spirit of Sangha than stewarding our bodies, cherishing our heart choices, and supporting the lives of 800 children and their families.
Commit to a health and fitness goal that supports and nourishes your body for the next 60 days. Example: I will walk 5,000 steps (2 1/2 miles) a day for each day leading to the BW.

• If it feels appropriate for you, link your commitment to a fundraising goal.
   - Example: I will ask a friend to sponsor me at X amount for each mile I walk.

• Make a recording of what inspires you to make this pledge. In 50 words or fewer, tell us what your commitment is and why you are walking with Sangha to do this work.

• Each time ego kicks in to attempt to talk you out of keeping the commitment, listen to your recording. Use it as a practice of directing the attention to the love, compassion, generosity and kindness that is your authentic nature.

• Register for the 13th Annual Golden Gate Bridge Walk to celebrate your commitment to Upping Your Game in this way. You can pick up 18,000 steps if you walk across the bridge with other Sangha.
We are assisting a thriving community of co-operative members who are feeding 800 children a day. Last year, we launched Living English, taking the next crucial step to support the kids in the community. Learning English is the children’s best chance to continue their education and obtain a job. Here are the pilot programs ready for expansion with cost estimates.

All Star
Field Trips
A way to practice English in practical settings 100 children on 6 field trips $1000
Team Stay
in School
Providing scholarships and support to children to stay in school 100 scholarships for school fees, exam fees and uniforms $5,000
Daily support for children in fostering a love for and skill of reading—the best tool for self-learning! Reading Materials, Two new teachers $3,500
Girl Power
Supporting girls who are the most vulnerable to dropping out of school with after- school programs and special mentoring Additional Staff support $3,500
the Magic
Feeding 800 children and providing meaningful, sustaining work for 35 cooperative members 6 months of supporting the project $50,000


• Each week, read stories from Sangha in the weekly newsletter on why we walk together.

• Be inspired by the pledges of other Sangha.

Listen to Good News Updates as Sangha processes what they are seeing in this practice of walking together.

• Read the blog to find out how the community in Kantolomba is participating.