It All Flows from Here

It All Flows from Here

We are taking on an exciting challenge to raise $150,000 to fund the Africa Vulnerable Children Project for another full year. Those nay-saying voices will say this goal is impossible, which makes this challenge a practice opportunity par excellence! Participating in this year’s Bridge Walk is our chance to make real to ourselves that “it all flows from here.” If we are HERE, Life’s abundance flows through us in gratitude and generosity and makes possible the impossible.

This year’s fundraising campaign for the Bridge Walk is a departure from tradition.

Rising commodity prices in Zambia combined with higher exchange rates require us to up our game to fully fund the project for another year. Life seems to be asking us to do something radical and we are stepping up to the challenge!

Here is the plan.
Team 150K
for Africa
We’ve proven that when we can walk together, we can do anything. So that’s the approach to Team 150K for Africa.
  • We are not just building one team, we are building 300 of them!
  • A team can consist of just you or everyone you invite: neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, kids...
  • Your team comes up with a fundraising idea: Bake sales, yard sales, corporate matching grants, bikeathons...
  • Each team will commit to raise at least $500. Some teams might choose to raise more.
  • Your team can raise $500 or each person on the team may choose to raise $500.
Just like the Team in Training model, we will ask you to commit to raising or donating the funds yourself. Either way is fine.
Sign up now for Team 150K for Africa if you
  • Love a giant challenge and the thrill of working with Sangha to blow past what the voices would call “impossible”!
  • Love to go up against the resistance that doesn’t love a giant challenge and thinks it can be in charge of your life/practice!

As part of Team 150K for Africa you get to:
Be Supported
 Meet the team in Kantolomba!
Make History

Participate in facilitated weekly support calls for the duration of the campaign a la our Group Coaching Model. You can share ideas with Sangha and look at your process. EVERYONE is welcome on the calls so invite your entire team—kids, coworkers, neighbors etc. This is a way to share a practice experience with people who are like-minded but may not be directly involved with practice.

There will be four scheduled Zoom gatherings over the course of the eight-week campaign. You, your team, and anyone participating with you in fundraising will meet and talk to Theresa, members of the co-operative, the teachers, the kids, and the girls in the Girls Program. These will also be recorded for those who are not able to make it live. It is a way for folks to see first-hand the unique nature of this project.
Meeting this ambitious goal during the Bridge Walk season will free up the funds needed the rest of the year to meet some exciting next steps in the project. You will hear of those developments on our weekly calls.

Share Your Practice
Stay Inspired
 Attend the Celebration

In 50 words or less, write and tell us about your process.

  • Listen to Good News Updates as Sangha talks about what they see in doing the Team 150K challenge.
  • Read the blog to find out how the community in Kantolomba is participating.
  • Read what other Sangha are noticing!
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