November 2, 2017
Peter, our team member responsible for the work around the property, makes sure that the surroundings are clear of weeds and keeps the shrubs neat. Here he is cutting around a hedge.
Little Leonard, who is in Memory's class, loves drawing. When asked what he loves to draw, he responds Mummy, Daddy and myself. So cute!
Older Margret helping out with the veggies. She has began her retirement and loves to come around helping here and there.
Our Grade Nine girls pose for a photo after they came back from writing their exams.
Students in Susan's class dancing to the Genki songs playing on the computer.
Euginia preparing cabbage for lunch.
Veronica reading a story to her students. Students love story time!
Writing in Beatrice's class. The little ones use the floor when writing.
October 26, 2017
The usual cute and funny faces of Kantolomba. They are a handful!
Mary, a student in Joy's class, enjoys her meal. All she could say was that it was so yummy.
The 24th of October was our Independence Day here in Zambia. We are now 53 years old. The colors of the flag were worn by both the old and the young ones. Here little Naomi wearing a dress of the colors of the flag made by her mum.
Natasha, a member of the team, dishing out lunch to the young ones.
Lovely and cute little ones from Veronica's class. They are ready to go to Grade One next year, as they are able to write their numbers and alphabet.
Emelda, a team member, cleaning windows.
Back from school, Dick and his friend hang around the property playing after lunch. They say that they like the shade at the property, as it is very hot these days.
This is the African eggplant which is cooked and eaten with nshima. In Bemba we call it "impwa" and the other green which goes with it is called "lumanda." The lumanda tastes a bit sour, but added to the eggplant it is delicoius.
Mirriam and Jackline sing under the mango tree as they wait for lunch to be served. The women just love to sing.