May 18, 2017
Students from Beatrice's class writing their numbers.
Lovely and cute faces of Kantolomba.
Our Grade 9 girl students doing their homework in class.
The teachers having some free time during their lunch break as they wait for the students.
Veronica giving a math test to the Grade 9 students.
The younger Foster doing some weeding.
Gardening on the property.
Monica pounding the groundnuts preparing them for Friday's rice and peanut butter.
Some of the team members. Gratitude to them for being there always and working together.
Government Schools have reopened and the library again is 100% active with students. Here, Elias helps Patrick with reading.
Memory's pod in action doing class work.
Susan preparing some books for the students in the library.
May 11, 2017
The Girls Team in their winter hats pose for a photo.
Memory reading to students in her pod.
Little Danny hangs around the property after lunch. School holidays will soon be over and he will be back in school.
Some of the books used in Government schools.
Ruth and Monica come into the library to read during their spare time.
Winter is here in Zambia. The ladies recieved their hats that Jen left when she was here.
Peter doing some carpentry work.
Sam showing off that he came all the way from home without his boots he loves so much.
More of the books that we have in the library.
Some of our students who are in Grade 11 and 12 pose with us.
Charles explaining a point in class.