March 16, 2017
Martha enjoying avocado which is in season at the property.
Some of our cute faces of Kantolomba.
Some students from Teacher Beatrice's class in the library to do Genki lessons on the computer. As they wait, they look at the picture books.
The girls reading with Memory. The pods have started working and we are enjoying every minute of it.
The word of the day has been assigned to Josephine. She writes it on the blackboard each day and goes around asking the staff members and the students.
Little Innocent, so proud of himself, just wrote the number 3 on the board in Ethel's class.
Monica reading with Memory before going to school.
Margret and Angela, our two aging mothers, proudly have their photo taken. They are saying that they are ready to retire in June this year. The staff members are planning a little surprise party for them.
February 9, 2017
Grade One students in the library listening to a Genki lesson on the computer.
A concerned parent who has a son in Veronica's class came to the property for the parents meeting and was told that her son was not very good in numbers. She sat down in class to the amusement of the other students and helped her son.
Another of the many cute and healthy faces of Kantolomba.
Peter says he has learned a lot from being here at Living Compassion. He can do simple repairs around the property.
Josephine in class with some students using the Magic Pen and Book as students call it.
Time to eat. The children know that they have to line up and wash their hands.
Grade Eight and Nine students do their homework at the property. They are helped by the teachers.
Posing for a photo. Abraham wants to become a pilot when he grows up. He is in Grade One.
Reading in the library.