January 16, 2020
Felistus, Onester, and Marian, our Grade Nine students at Twabo School. How time flies--not so long ago these girls were little, and now they have grown into beautiful young ladies!
Veronica with some of our little ones who  have started Grade One at Twatemwa School this year. The little ones were in Veronica's class last year.
Preparing peanut butter. Brenda and Regina busy pounding the nuts for the peanut butter rice on the menu for Friday.
Doris checking out the boiling nshima. It is ready to be stirred and made into a thick paste.
Teamwork is our motto here at Living Compassion. Here the women are working together clearing weeds outside the property.
Our two cute faces from Kantolomba for this week are little Chola and Mapalo, who have just started Grade One this year at Twatemwa School. They look cute in their new uniforms!
January 9, 2020
Three of our girls from Zora, Veronica Kalaba, Elizabeth Mwale, and Loveness Katongo.
Preparing veggies called Chinese cabbage. They are boiled in salty water, and peanut butter is added. They taste so good!
Charcoal packing. The ladies work together to carry the huge sacks of charcoal to the storeroom.
Our cute photo for this week is little Emmanuel in his cute little boots.
Our huge charcoal brazier is very hot and ready for the huge pot of nshima to go on it to cook.
Pauline preparing soya chunks. Soya is a favourite here, and the children just love it so much.