November 7, 2019
Little siblings Jermie and Esnart. They love to sit together and eat together.
Living Compassion Kantolomba welcomed a new member of the family last week, a baby girl. She's the daughter of Juliet Kaoma, a member of the team and the daughter of our retired caretaker Margret Chisenga.
Cute faces of Kantolomba for this week are the little ones from Malila's class.
Susan and Prisca. Prisca is now healthy and strong after being sick for a long time.
The junior Living Compassion football team celebrating winning a match with boys from the community.
Jackline with a pestle pounding nuts.
October 31, 2019
With this hot blazing sun, some of the team members wait in the shade as their buckets get filled with the clean water from the Living Compassion tap by the caretaker.
Little Thadiwe, a Grade One student at Twatemwa Primary School, practices writing her name on the board during library time at Living Compassion.
Happy smiles from Theresa and Chomba, a student in Veronica's class.
Martha with the other women sorting groundnuts at the kitchen area in readiness for Friday's peanut butter rice.
James and his brother sit on a tree stump while waiting for lunch. The house behind them is an example of the many houses that are still being occupied by many community members of Kantolomba.
Cute little faces of our little ones of Living Compassion.
Nora, who is not in the program, looks sad. She has been sick for some time, and her friend Linda tries to joke and make her smile, assuring her that she will share her food with her.