September 19, 2019
Juliet sorting beans. She is a mother of three and the granddaughter of Marget, who was our caretaker years back before she retired.
Little Musatelo, who is in Malila's class, is five years old and is a very bright boy. He would love to be a teacher just like Teacher Charles when he grows up.
John, our hedge cutter, busy clearing a hedge.
Brenda at the kitchen area opening a 25-kilogram bag of mealie meal for the preparation of nshima.
The little ones playing on the veranda during break time.
The weather is getting warmer each day here, and this rooster is taking shelter in the shade.
Regina stirring the nshima.
Little Ben going home with his lunch box of nshima and beans.
September 12, 2019
Our cute faces for this week are Maipambe and Christin, little ones from Malila's class.
Monica and Juliet cutting just some of the veggies for lunch.
Little Ennocent and his friend Brian enjoy a snack called "Jiggies" during breaktime.
Some of the team members sorting eggs. The woman on the right is the farmer in Luanshya who we buy our eggs from.
Our new outside toilet taking shape.
Audria with her grandchild. The mother of the baby is Audia's third-born daughter, who came visiting from Lusaka.
Veggies on display at Kantolomba market. The veggies cost 2 kwacha per bunch. A family of eight has to pay 10 kwacha or more just for lunch.
The ladies helping each other washing dishes.