October 25, 2018
Emelda at the dishwashing center doing the dishes. She is the daughter of our retired team member Violet and is now volunteering in her mother's place. She is taking care of her two children and Violet in their home.
Lidya, a student at Twatemwa School, having lunch at Living Compassion.
Audria going to the dining hall to have her breakfast of buns and tea. She bought the buns from our little tuck shop.
Our women working. It's all about teamwork here at Living Compassion Kantolomba.
Little Silvia and Juliet smiling for the camera. The girls are neighbors and are in Grade Four at Twatemwa Primary School. They love reading in the library.
Our cute faces of Kantolomba for this week are students from Teacher Memory's class here at Living Compassion.
Our two girls Rachel and Esther. They just rewrote their Grade Twelve exams in subjects they did not do well in. The results are out and they did well. They are ready to go to college next year in January. Rachel wants to do nursing, while Esther wants to do teaching. Both girls are in the Girls Program.
October 18, 2018
Twins Jen and John, who were in Beatrice's class, are now in Grade One at Future Matters School here in Kantolomba. The twins are the last-born in a family of six other children who are sets of twins, too. Here in Zambia one is considered lucky to have two or more sets of twins.
Edna and her friend smile for the camera after lunch and school. Edna, on the right, is our very own Natasha's daughter. Edna and her parents live here at Living Compassion and take care of the place when we are not working.
Majority and other students from Twatemwa School line up to get their share at lunch. Majority is eight years old and is the fifth-born in a family of seven siblings. She is the daughter of Charity, a volunteer here at Living Compassion.
The women at the kitchen area sorting the nuts in readiness for Friday's peanut butter rice. One of them is our very own Euginia, who was in hospital a week ago but is back to work and feeling much better.
John, son of the late Ethel, doing some painting. He volunteers with Living Compassion, and the stipend he gets helps him with his brother's school fees.
Charles's class smiling for the camera.
Ann during lunch break. She is mother of six and is taking care of her sister's four children. Her sister Benadette was a volunteer but fell sick some years back, and Ann had to take up her place in order to take care of the children. Today Benadette is in the village with relatives and uses a wheelchair. Ann is a very good mum to the children, hard-working and a big help with tutoring.