September 20, 2018
The little ones enjoying their lunch of egg and rice. This meal is their favourite meal of the week.
Taking a breather. Carrying the huge, heavy, hot pot from the kitchen to the dining hall takes two people. It's good exercise!
A group of boys displaying team work as they carry a table to one of the classes.
Margret carrying a bucket of nshima on her head.
Here in Zambia we are taught how to carry things on our heads at an early age. This is normal and easy for us, and some even balance a load without holding it. Here Prisca balances a bucket of nshima on her head.
Audria, a mother of eight and grandmother of five, still looking cute and beautiful.
This week's faces of Kantolomba, the little ones from Memory's class.
Racheal helping out in the dining hall. She rewrote her Grade Twelve exams and is waiting for her results to come out at the end of this month.
Grade Three students from Twatemwa School pose for a photo.
September 13, 2018
Older Foster busy cooking, preparing soya chunks outside the kitchen. Inside the cooking area, nshima is being cooked on other braziers.
Our cute little faces of Kantolomba.
Our little ones wait patiently as the food is being dished out. They can't wait to fill their little tummies with nshima, soya chunks, and veggies.
Lining up for lunch.
The huge pot of soya chunks being carried to the dining hall by our two strong ladies of the team.
Stirring a huge pot of nshima. Cooking the nshima is done by two people .
Little Nono, who is in Malila's class, smiles for the camera just after having her lunch.
Pauline preparing the veggies.
Natasha at the tuck shop buying some sweets for herself.