April 26, 2018
Emelda preparing veggies in readiness for lunch. The greens are called Chinese cabbage. They are boiled in salt water, tomatoes and a little oil are added, and they are ready for lunch.
Charles and Veronica working on their schedule to swap teaching math and history classes. Veronica is very good with math, and Charles is good with history, biology, and English.
Malila preparing her next day's pod work. Her pod has improved very much in English and she is very proud of them. She has started going to school after her work at Living Compassion to take a course in teaching.
Jowen gets help carrying the huge basin of veggies to the kitchen after washing them with clean water.
Monica in the dining hall serving lunch.
Our team members cleaning the dishes at the tap using clean water. Cholera has not gone away yet, and the health workers are always emphasizing using clean water, cleaning our surroundings, and always washing our utensils in running water.
Lunch time. Little Natasha enjoying nshima, soya chunks, and veggies.
Clearing the side of the hill at the back of the Living Compassion compound. It is so beautiful and when one walks to the top of it, one can view the whole of Kantolomba and nearby other geographical features. It's a wonderful sight!
Bruce and his friend are this week's cute and healthy faces of Kantolomba.
Meet the newest member of our Living Compassion family. Andrew is Josephine's son who was born a week ago.
Baby Peace, another of Josephine's sons. He has grown and now has a little brother. So cute!
April 19, 2018
Susan, our very own Grade Nine student at Twabo school, saying that she is confident that she is going to make it to Grade Ten. She is re-writing her exams this coming June.
Jerade, a Grade Two student at Twatemwa School, looking much better after he was sick for some time. Here he waits for his lunch in the dining hall at Living Compassion.
Mirriam, all grown up and now in Grade Four, was one of the students in Sister Phil and Joy's class. She and the other little ones were the first to learn the Genki program. She has not forgotten the songs, and at times when she's at Living Compassion with her friends, they sing together.
Blessing and her best friend relax on the lawn after lunch as they wait for pod time.
Natasha, our team member who was in hospital, is feeling much better and is back at work.
Thandie with her little brother Junior, who had followed his sister to Living Compassion.
Doreen is at Living Compassion during her break from college. Here she is with some of the students.
Our usual cute faces of Kantolomba posing for a photo.