March 22, 2018
Edna, a Grade Two student at Twatemwa Primary School, got high scores on the quiz that was arranged here at Living Compassion. She beat all other Grade Two students in English spelling and writing.
Theresa, my namesake. She is all grown and is in Grade Three this year. She was telling me that she has a new brother at home who was born yesterday. Theresa's family has grown, and she now has seven siblings.
Meet Jonathan, who is now in Grade Nine. He was the boy who used to joke with me whenever he saw me walking through Kantolomba. At that time he was not going to school, and he would ask if he could only come to eat, as he did not like school. I would always tell him that he could eat at Living Compassion only if he went to school. One day his grandmother came to the property with him and he was enrolled in Charles's class. He wrote his Grade Seven exams and made it to Grade Eight last year. This year he is in Grade Nine. He now loves school and would like to become a doctor when he completes school. I always encourage him to work hard.
Audria carrying a bucket of water on her head.
This is little Priscilla, who is in Memory's class. She has been learning how to write the number 9. After two days she is now able to write it, and this has made her so happy that she asked if her photo could be taken.
The usual cute faces of Kantolomba that make Living Compassion shine!
Florence, our team member, with her baby Eneless. She is growing so fast!
Our older students sit outside the library after reading.
Martha making sure that the water bucket at the entrance to the property has bleach. Cholera is still spreading here in Zambia.
Team members sorting eggs before they are boiled for Tuesday's lunch.
March 8, 2018
Michael, Jowen's son, playing during break time.
Ester Makumba, one of the girls in the program, smiles for the camera. She is happy that she has gone back to school after not doing well last year in her Grade Nine exams.
Little cute faces of Kantolomba. They just love having their photo taken!
Teacher Malila at the tuck shop buying herself a bun for breakfast.
Fetching clean water from the Living Compassion tap. This water is clean, and residents in the community benefit from it.
Onester in the library. She is in Grade Seven and comes in to read after school.
Audria carrying the huge pot to be cleaned. This pot is one of the smallest among the pots that are used here.
Our very own joy, Dave, all grown up. He's now in Grade Four, and he comes here to read. Here he is enjoying his lunch.
Little Sandra plaiting her friend's hair as they wait for lunch. Plaiting is learned at an early age. We call it "ukuluka" in Bemba, our local language.
Pauline now feeling much better. She is back at Living Compassion and could not miss the chance of saying hello to everyone out there.