July 12, 2018
Brenda in the kitchen area sorting eggs and making sure that they are not cracked. The eggs are boiled in a huge pot. Each child gets an egg with rice.
Our usual cute and beautiful faces of Kantolomba.
Our two girls Mirriam and Silvia helping the cooking staff give out the food to our little ones.
Meet Rapheal, a student in Veronica's class. He is one of the best in English and can read the little Jelita and Mulenga books that are in the Living Compassion library. He can also write his numbers well. He uses his left hand in writing and eating.
Silvia with some students. She plays with them, reads to them, and helps with their class work. The children love her so much.
We took a group photo before going to Luanshya. Silvia and Mirriam are going to college to pursue a nursing course, and the girls, two of their parents, and Memory and Theresa went to Luanshya to look for accomodation for the girls. The parents were so thankful to Living Compassion USA and Kantolomba for being there for the girls. It was exiciting and we had fun.
Josephine showing off the chitenge jacket she made for Theresa. She is becoming a better fashion designer each day.
Theresa carrying a bucket of nshima to the dining hall.
Little Emma enjoying his lunch. He was having rice with an egg.
Our little champion Borniface all joval and happy. He has the cutest smile and is also very funny.
July 5, 2018
Our two girls from Divine School, Loveness and Natasha. They are in Grade Nine and say that they will make it to Grade Ten. Years ago, Natasha did not like school. She would come to Living Compassion and ask for food and would be told to enroll in school first. One day she came with her mother and was enrolled in Charles's class. In Grade Six she went to Twatemwa School, wrote her Grade Seven exams, and then made it to Grade Eight. She says she loves school now and is going to work very hard. We call her our comedian because she loves joking, and at school she is in the Drama Club.
Malila and Mirriam. They are very close and are in the same class teaching the little ones. Malila says Mirriam is very good with them. After volunteering at Living Compassion, Malila is doing part-time training to become a teacher, and when she is here she shares the knowledge she is aquiring from her training.
Our team member Prisca showing off her chitenge outfit that Josephine made for her. So beautiful!
A mother from the Kantolomba community helping the health team visiting Living Compassion to give the polio vaccine to the little ones. Here she gives out vitamin tablets and deworming tablets.
Lining up for lunch, our little cute faces of Kantolomba for this week.
Theresa's namesake with her friend wait for lunch. Theresa is now in Grade Three at Twatemwa Primary School. She is the granddaughter of our team member Older Foster. Theresa is granddaughter number twelve. Our Older Foster has sixteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Susan and Onester. The two are best of friends. They are hanging out together while Susan waits for her friend to come out of school at Twatemwa.