June 8, 2017
Government School students sit and listen to the teacher in the library.
Josephine explaining a point from the computer in a Genki lesson.
The cute baby class at Living Compassion. This is Joy's class.
Some sweet roots called "indawa" are found around the property. The children dig them up using their little fingers and eat them.
Joy in her baby class doing class work.
Martha Mwanza helping a student write the letter T on the board.
Meet Baby Abraham, Jane's son. Jane was in the Girls program and got pregnant. She and her son are living with Sofia's mum, who has been kind enough to take them in when they had nowhere to go.
Cute little Moses smiles for the camera.
Here is Jen putting baby Abraham on her back. She says she wants to go back to school.
The kitchen staff making peanut butter.
Memory sharpening some pencils for the students in Malila's class.
In line and ready to go and have lunch.
June 1, 2017
The girls in Beatrice's pod doing a math test.
Elias in the library working with some Government School students. The boys love to come in and read.
Ready for class, little Pascal stops and asks "Nkopeniko," which means "take my photo."
Ann explaining some words from the computer to some students in the library.
Emmaunel and his friend sit and chat during break time. Emmanuel has grown into a fine boy.
Charity, our cook, cleaning one the huge pots.
Boys from Charles's class hang around at the property.
Meet Emelda, Violet's daughter. She is a mum of two and is helping her mother and children. She is proud to be one of the volunteers at Living Compassion.
Florence checking on the beans in readiness for lunch.
Having lunch is fun because one has their own plateful.
The naughty three friends who are in the same grade and same school. They stay close to each other.
Our caretaker Odria with some of the cute faces of Kantolomba.
Reading is a plus in one's life. Here our 78-year-old caretaker's husband is able to read perfectly. The girls came running to me when they saw him reading and asked me if they could ask him if he finished school. He told them how he went to school in the old days and how he was the brightest student in his school. The girls listened with interest and promised him that they will work hard so that they can read clearly and read to their children later on in life.