September 7, 2017
Margret, our own member of the team, shows off her new chitenge outfit, made by Josephine.
The ever-beautiful cute faces of Kantolomba pose for a photo.
Little Esnart, who was in Beatrice's class last year, is now a Grade 1 student at Government School. She passed number one this term.
Making sure the little hands are clean. The members of the team take turns each day to help wash the many little hands of the students of Living Compassion.
Theresa going around the classroom making sure that everyone is doing their work correctly. Here the girls are taking a test.
Joyce Makina, one of the girls in the Girls Program, is feeling much better after falling sick with malaria a week ago.
Balancing a lunch box. Here in Kantolomba, girls learn how to do this at an early age.
Teacher Malila marking her pod's work.
Cute faces of the girls in the Girls Program here at Living Compassion.
One of the hair styles here in Kantolomba. This healthy looking girl is in Beatrice's class.
Ruth, a member of our team, wearing a hat in the colors of Zambia's flag.
August 31, 2017
The usual cute faces of the healthy little ones of Kantolomba.
Natasha doing some work in class. The girls are coming to the property each day for lessons.
Margret and Jackline doing the dishes.
Little Tina and her friend wait for lunch.
Onester and Loveness doing some work in class.
Students in the program having lunch.
Margret in the kitchen. She says she is proud to be one of the cooking staff and loves to cook for the children.
Little Christabel, Odria's daughter, is all grown up and looking cute.
Washing up at the wash area. Smart washes his little hands to go and have lunch.