February 6, 2020
Beatrice helping serve lunch to the children.
John busy finding the meaning of some English words in the library. This was during lunch break, when the teachers help the team members who want clarification on English words.
Ann in the library helping a student read a book she selected.
Quiz time. The teachers gather in the library to find the Bemba word for some English words.
Our sweet little ones singing in class.
Euginia reading some Engish words with the help of Margret. Margret has started going to evening classes and is in Grade Three at Twatemwa School right here in Kantolomba.
Some of our teachers discussing how to improve teaching the English language.
Our cute little one for this week is Docus Mukwemba in her new uniform. Docus, who is Audria's daughter, has diabetes and has been in and out of hospital. The good news is that she made it to Grade Eight this year and has been accepted at Twatemwa School here in Kantolomba.
January 30, 2020
Our girls from Zora came to have lunch here at Living Compassion. This week they have sports at school.
Our cute faces for this week are the little ones from Malila's class.
Some of our team members sorting beans in preparation for Wednesday's lunch.
Martha putting out leftover charcoal after cooking. Water is poured on the coals, then they are dried to be used again later.
Little Elisha singing one of the most well-known Genki songs, "Left and Right."
Veronica and little Eunice. Eunice has started Grade One at Twatemwa School here in Kantolomba.