April 13, 2017
Bertha reading to her friends. She is improving very much.
Doreen, Veronica's daughter, is with us at the property. She is on break from school and here she is helping out with the girls.
Memory keeping a sharp ear on the girls' reading, making sure that the pronunciation is correct.
Natasha reading to us before going to her pod. As usual, she is full of fun.
Brenda cleaning the huge pot used for nshima.
Elias in the library going through some books.
As usual, cute faces of Kantolomba.
Ethel with her pod. Here she is with Sera who is a slow learner. Ethel says she is catching up.
A huge big smile from Jowen after a day's work.
Charles with his pod pose for a photo.
Margaret loves to have her photo taken.
Charles reading a book as he waits for his pod.
April 6, 2017
Our very own brilliant students Memory and Joyce. They say the sky is the limit in their school work.
Veronica and Joy share a light moment.
Grade One students laze around after reading and having lunch.
Pauline fetching water at Living Compassion for her house.
Some team members sit and wait for lunch.
Little Julie smiling for the camera. She is in Joy's class.
Here are some cute faces of Kantolomba.
The teachers wait for their pods after lunch. They are well prepared and everyone is committed.
Joy preparing her work in the library.