February 21, 2019
Our jovial and cute faces of Living Compassion Kantolomba for this week are the little ones from Teacher Susan's class. Oh, so beautiful!
Guess! Yes, this is Andrew, Josephine's son, now so happy and full of energy. He is so healthy and doing so well, as you can see, all because of the good nutrition he is getting here at Living Compassion.
Charity weeding. She is a mother of six and also a grandmother of one.
Little Christabel enjoying playing during break time. She and her friends are in Teacher Malila's class. When it's play time, they love to play Ukubuta (Mother), a game where girls play a mother's role in a home like cooking, washing, sweeping, and selling at the market.
Our beautiful mother Doris sorting beans. She is so joyful and funny. We love her and her joking.
Little Edna doing her homework at her house here at Living Compassion. A look at her books shows that she is doing well.
Little Humphrey enjoying a cup of our clean water after lunch. They say "Water is life," and indeed the clean water here at Living Compassion demonstrates how that is so.
Our very own retired Angela came to visit. She is now being taken care of by her daughter, who volunteers with us.
Martha and Mirriam sorting beans in readiness for Wednesday's lunch. Martha is now fully recovered and is doing just fine.
February 14, 2019
Little Francis enjoying his lunch. He is in Teacher Susan's class and loves playing football. He is an only child. Both his parents died of AIDS, and he now lives with his aunt and uncle.
Our lovely four college girls who are doing clinical medicine in Luanshya. Theresa visited them last Saturday at their boarding house. They are all doing well and send their love to all.
Stevania and Christin in their uniforms. They are repeating Grade Nine at Zora School.
Natasha in the kitchen area preparing tomatoes to be put in the veggies. She is a mother of two and the caretaker at Living Compassion.
Christin is now retired and came to Living Compassion to say hello to the team.
Little Edna in class writing the number three. She is six years old and wants to be a nurse when she grows up.
Siblings Eunice and Peace are our photo of the week, looking healthy and cute.
John busy slashing grass. With the heavy rains, vegetation is growing fast.