April 5, 2018
Playing iciyenga. Government schools are closing on the 20th of this month for the first term and students are writing their end of term tests. Living Compassion is full of children who have been coming as early as 10 00hrs in the morning to play around.
Brenda busy roasting nuts in readiness for Friday's peanut butter rice. The nuts are roasted and pounded into a fine paste, which is added to boiled rice.
Angela, who is at Twabo School, studying at Living Compassion on Saturday after the pod meeting.
Juliet busy preparing wild okra, which grows during the rainy season. It is a slippery vegetable and it is eaten with nshima as a relish.
Memory in class at Twabo School. She is the monitor in her class. So far she is doing very well in Grade Eight.
Our three Grade Nine students from Zora school. They were saying the sky is the limit in their education.
Our usual cute faces of Kantolomba. They just love the camera!
March 29, 2018
Florence at the wash-up point making sure that the little hands are clean before lunch.
Bertha is one of the girls in the program who could not make it to Grade Ten. She has improved in her English, and after class with Charles, she helps with the little ones in the library.
Cute smile for the camera. Little Monica in Memory's class.
Here are our 2018 Grade Seven girls. They always come to the library to read after school at Twatemwa.
Ready to eat and go home, the little ones line up for lunch.
Another face of Living Compassion. Little Agness is our retired team member Angela's granddaughter.
Our little cute Grade One students from Twatemwa Primary School. They come in to read in the morning before going to school.
Students from Veronica's class reading the local books of Jelita and Mulenga.
More cute faces of children who just love having their photo taken.
Writing in Memory's class. The little ones love to do it on the floor.