December 20, 2018
Our very own little cute faces of Kantolomba. They still keep on asking when Abena Jen and Mama Cheri will come to visit. We have tried to tell them that they have gone back to America, but they seem not to understand.
Our little ones lining up for lunch.
Our very own Onester Bwalya, who sat for her Grade Seven exams just recently, sits in class with Ann. She was learning BUSU on the iPad. The girls are excited about the lessons.
Waiting for lunch to be served, the little ones are kept busy in the dining hall. They sing songs while lunch is being prepared.
Emelda working at the top of the hill. She was joking and saying that she could bulid a house there and we would all call her the Queen of Kantolomba. The view up there is awesome.
Our little ones waiting in line for their turn to wash their little hands.
John busy using the slasher to clear overgrown grass on the lawn.
Emelda in the dining hall getting ready to serve lunch.
November 22, 2018
Natasha in the kitchen stirring soup for lunch. The soup is added to the rice and egg dish which is served on Tuesday.
Juliet, Charity, and Emelda sorting peanuts. The nuts are prepared for Friday's lunch.
Bibian and friends after library time. The girls are in Grade Four at Twatemwa Primary School here in Kantolomba.
Foster, our oldest member of the team, sorting nuts at the kitchen area. She is still strong and energetic.
Our beautiful cute faces of Kantolomba this week are from Beatrice's class.
Our little ones sing along to a Genki song that was playing on the computer.
Younger Foster helping sort nuts.