May 24, 2018
Remember this face? Yes, this is Joy (Dave). He is now a big boy doing Grade Six at Twatemwa Primary School here in Kantolomba. Not long ago he was a small boy, but time flies, and now he is all grown.
The little ones demonstrating as they sing "Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes," a very popular song in nursery schools here in Zambia. The little ones are so cute as they touch their heads and shoulders.
Monica in the kitchen preparing peanuts for Friday's lunch.
The team in red. This was a demonstration to see if the red t-shirt will look good for Friday's uniform. The t-shirts worn are white on Monday, yellow on Tuesday, green on Wednesday, blue on Thursday, and now, red on Friday.
Pauline in the kitchen stirring the thick porridge that makes nshima.
Martha and Charity sitting in the sun to warm themsleves. The weather has changed, and it is becoming chilly.
A cute face from last week that deserves a second viewing: the beautiful, healthy face of little Bornface.
Baby class in the library, singing along with the Genki songs on the computer.
Brenda fetching clean water from the Living Compassion tap for her home use. She is a mother of five and makes sure that her children drink clean water.
Silvia sitting on the veranda during break time. It was cold, and she is wrapped in a chitenge. She helps with teaching in Memory's class and also with the pods.
Audria weeding.
Our cute faces for this week from Kantolomba.
May 17, 2018
Students from Twatemwa School line up for lunch at Living Compassion. Schools have reopened and all students have started classes.
Remember this cute face? Yes, this is Felistus, our very own teacher Charles's daughter. She has grown up, and this year she is doing Grade Seven at Twatemwa Primary School. Charles says he is confident that his daughter is going to pass her Grade 7 exams. Felistus is the third and last born of Charles's three children.
This is Emelia, our little cutie for the week. She is a student in Memory's class and loves singing. She is five years old.
Junior, who is in teacher Malila's class, enjoys his lunch of nshima with beans.
Jennifer all grown up and now in Grade Four. She was one of the students that started with Sister Phil and Joy. She is still able to sing the Genki songs that she learned.
Christabel and her friend Bwalya ready to go home after class. So cute!
Elias in the library going through some of the words that a Grade Six class at Twatemwa School had as their homework. The students bring in their homework, as well as read in the library. They are helped by Elias, Ann, and the four Grade Twelve girls who completed the program last year.
Pre-English work on the board prepared for Beatrice's pod.
Little Bornface gives his cutest smile. He is four years old and lives with his mother here in Kantolomba.
Some of our girls from Twabo pose for a photo at Living Compassion. They came in earlier than usual because they were let out early at their school due to a funeral.