May 30, 2019
Little Gloria, who is in Susan's class, just loves to come to Theresa and recite what she learned in class. So adorable!
Euginia getting her stipend. Veronica helps her count. She is getting old and needs a little help here and there.
Our pit latrines are almost full, and it is time to dig new ones. Our men have started digging the pit next to the old latrine.
The weather has changed, and it's chilly. Here our team members Charity, Doris, and Martha sit in the sun to warm up while lunch is being served inside.
Our ever-smiling faces of Living Compassion Kantolomba.
Winter Chisenga is in Grade One at Twatemwa Primary School here in Kantolomba. He likes coming to the library to read with Teacher Ann.
Veronica marking some books while sitting outside during break time. Next to her is eleven-year-old Bwalya, who is in her class.
A cute smile for the camera from little Ester, a student in Malila's class. Team members say she has the cutest smile, and they just love her.
May 23, 2019
Margret warming herself in the sun at the wash area as she waits for the many little hands that she has to wash before they go into the dining hall for lunch.
Our face for this week from Living Compassion is little Bruce, a Grade Four student at Twatemwa School here in Kantolomba.
Martha, Euginia, and Juliet sitting in the sun as they wait for lunch.
A member of the community carrying clean water from the Living Compassion tap for home use. People use wheelbarrows to carry two or three containers.
Susan's baby class singing to warm up before going to class.
Ann preparing for her next class.
Students enjoying lunch. They just love eating together in groups.
Pauline weeding, clearing the hedge.