December 28, 2017
The Girls Team poses for a photo to say "Happy New Year to all the USA Team!"
The usual healthy and cute faces of Kantolomba. So beautiful.
Little Sofia enjoying her lunch.
Our little ones having lunch. One can tell that they really enjoy their meals by the way they eat and how their faces beam with joy.
Juliet, the water collector's granddaughter, carries a bucket to fetch clean water at the Living Compassion tap. She is now volunteering and taking care of her grandmother, who has retired due to poor health.
Our little ones brave the rains and come as early as 0700 hrs just to have lunch at Living Compassion.
The team poses at the entrance of our kitchen with the huge cooking sticks used for stirring nshima. They are saying, "Come 2018, we are prepared and ready to feed our children!"
Cute Natasha, one of the girls in the program. She is going into Grade 9 this coming year.
Theresa growing so fast and looking beautiful.
Happy New Year, USA Team, from Living Compassion Kantolomba! Hugs to all!
December 21, 2017
Peter enjoying a mango plucked from the trees at Living Compassion. The fruit is in season and everyone here gets a share.
Sweet cute faces of Kantolomba, waiting patiently for lunch in the dining room.
Doreen in action helping with the slow learners. She told us that in order for the girls to understand what they are reading and how to construct a sentence, they need to know the sound of a letter. She has been helpful lately.
Our little ones line up to wash their hands to go and have lunch.
Even boys enjoy playing our local game called "ichiyenga." One has to throw a stone in the air and try to grab another without dropping the one thrown in the air. The game is popular with girls here at Living Compassion.
Enjoying her lunch, little Joy sits outside to eat.
Theresa helps fill out some paper work for the parents of our little ones that were picked to go to Grade One next year at Twatemwa Primary School.
Monica posing for the camera. The team was weeding, as the rains are pouring every other day.
Sofia's mum weeding using a hoe.
Christin, Ester, and Elizabeth say "Happy New Year!" to all the USA Team. They are happy they are going to Grade 9 next year.
Memory helping weed while she waits for her pod to come into class.