August 2, 2018
Veronica with her grandchild number five, who is also named Veronica. She came to visit grandma who had not been feeling well lately. Little Veronica is two years old and is the daughter of Veronica's first son. Veronica has six grandchildren.
Our girls in the program. The girls are coming around early because of the exams they are taking in their schools. They have improved a lot in their studies.
Our boys from Twatemwa School. Exams are also going on in primary schools and closing day for the second term is the 10th of August.
Cheri carrying baby brother Andrew, who is now three months old. She brought him here for his feed.
Little Andrew in Malila's class loves having his photo taken. Whenever he sees our  photographer, he calls out to have his photo taken.
Check out the local cute hair styles of our little ones in teacher Memory's class! The girls are lining up for lunch.
Olina, one of our girls in the program, is in Grade Eight at Twabo School.
Rapheal, a student in Veronica's class, is going to Grade One next year at Twatemwa. His mother told Veronica that her son has improved a lot in writing and numbers.
July 26, 2018
Ruth and Margret preparing peanut butter for Friday's lunch using a mortar and pestle. The women do it in style, singing as they do the work--very artistic!
Anne in the library getting work ready for her next class. She is a standby tutor, too. Her English is very good and she has been very helpful.
Schools will be closing soon, and end-of-year tests have begun at Twatemwa School here in Kantolomba. The students' schedule has changed, and they come to Living Compassion as early as 10:00 in the morning. We have changed our schedule in the library so that we accomodate as many students as we can.
Regina carrying a bucket of nshima to the dining hall.
Little Joe having his lunch. He is Natasha's son and is the second-born. He loves beans, and his mother tells us that it is his favourite dish.
Memory in class with her students giving a lesson on body parts. We have a big picture with parts like mouth, hand, cheek, head, elbow, toes, and fingers.
Ronika all grown up and looking cute, here with her friends after school.
Our usual cute faces of this week from Kantolomba. These little ones are in Malila's class.
Little Eneless, Florence's daughter, growing up so fast. Here she is on her brother's back just after she was fed by mum and had to go back home. Both boys and girls are taught at an early age to carry a baby strapped on their back.