May 7, 2015
Government School students reading in the main hall. They now have desks to sit on while they read and when using the computers.
Michael Johan's son now all grown trying to lift a bag of mealie meal. So hilarious!
New students making a line outside at the property to have their names called out. Their little faces look so lost, but wait until they are here for a month. They will become naughty just like the others. Children will always be children.
Students in Beatrice's class singing and enjoying themselves.
Students in Joy's class busy with the Genki songs.
These are the desks that were donated to us. Though old, they will be of good use to us.
April 30, 2015
Eugenia washing a cup using clean water before taking a drink.
Getting hold of my lunch, says little Vincent.
I am glad to be part of the Living Compassion family, he says as he poses for the camera.
Martha and Christine having breakfast of a cup of tea and a bun, sitting outside the hammer mill building at the property.
Smart and his friend sitting in class. These boys are going to Grade One next year and are promising to be good students.
The huge pot of nshima boiling outside the kitchen at the property.
The new students seem not yet to be at ease with the camera. They are shy, but soon they will be willing to have their photo taken.
Prisca stirring the huge pot of nshima.