March 5, 2015
New students of the Living Compassion family have already blended with the other students and you can tell that they are very happy and feel welcome.
Newest member of the Living Compassion family, the little angel who is the daughter of our team member Audria. She was born a week ago.
They just love to have their photos taken.
I'm holding on to my lunch box, seems to say little Yvonne, who is a student in Joy's class. She is 4 years old and loves to dance.
Little Mapalo says I will be the next student at Living Compassion. This was during our visits as we were going round the community talking to parents of the fifty students that have joined the Living Compassion family.
Lunch time at the property. These little ones enjoy their food.
Monica, Mable's sister, gives out the food at the property.
February 26, 2015
Listening attentively, Vero's students fix their eyes on the teacher. This was during their recorder reading program here at the property.
Teacher Joy displaying the number board to her students at the property.
Vero and Ethel as they fill in each other on the day's work here at the property.
Ethel's class in the library looking at and following Josephine as she reads to them. Each class has some time in the library with Josephine. A timetable has been put up for each class.
In Beatrice's class the students have started writing numbers. They use the floor when doing their work.