AUGUST 28, 2014
Margret the caretaker shows off her kwacha after sales at the property. At her age she is very good at counting.
They say water is life. Here a boy from the community draws water for his mum here at Living Compassion. For years now we have had clean water.
Doing the dishes after lunch.
Little Queen waits for her lunch in the dining hall at the property. Cute face! She is a student in Ethel's class.
AUGUST 21, 2014
Little Bruce shows me the famous Kapenda smile. He was saying that he, too, can smile like his Auntie Theresa. He was telling me that he loves the way I smile. Bruce is one of the naughtiest boys here at Living Compassion. He is the only child of his mum. She is only 17 years old, and she had him when she was only 13 years old. She is one of the many child mothers that we have here in Kantolomba. She and her son live with her aging parents.
The girls in the Stay In School club read along together as a team during extra lessons.
The Living Compassion team busy doing the veggies for lunch at the property.
After the demise of our team member Mable a few months ago, here at the property we welcomed Monica, her sister, who is taking care of her three children. Here Monica chats with Veronica as they do the veggies at the property. Monica is very appreciative to both teams, here and USA, for the support that has been given to her and her family. She is able to look after all the children properly, hers and Mable's.
Oswald reading with his friends at the property during extra lessons.
Eugenia busy reading with the children at the property.