AUGUST 4, 2014
Living Compassion has a group of girls who have vowed to "Stay In School" no matter what. This program is helping these young girls to get good grades. After they have their lunch they get into class and have extra lessons in English.
Living Compassion has helped even the team members to improve in their English as they teach the young ones.
Mervis, a student in Charles's class, sits and listens to her teacher as he reads from the reading book. She is one of the many girls in Kantolomba who did not get a chance when young to go to school. With the program here at Living Compassion she now has a chance to learn English.
Reading together. Let's support these girls—they are the next Theresa Kapendas!
Loving and compassionate, the USA team helped Violet, who had bad teeth, with a set of new ones. She now is able to chew much better.
JULY 31, 2014
Clean water for all. Karen carries a bucket of the commodity for her mum. At Living Compassion we have a well which is the only one in the community. It provides clean water for the whole compound and most households depend on it.
Sister Rose with Susan going through her work after classes. Susan is improving in her class work. She did not know anything about schoolwork before she came to the property.
Veronica helping out. She shows that stirring nshima is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
A government school student leads her friends in reading the simple English book "Sara and Robert." Reading is becoming very popular at the property.