January 8, 2015
Lunch time at the property. Students enjoy their meal in the dining hall.
Ready to go to Grade One on Monday this coming week. Jack, Elias, and Charles say yes, they are ready to go, and show what they have learnt so far here at Living Compassion.
The ladies sorting out eggs at the property.
Weeding at the property. Grass is growing so fast due to the heavy rains that are constantly pouring here in Ndola and here at Living Compassion. We are here to make sure that no weed makes our property look messy.
Charles and Rhoda, who are siblings, smile for the camera. They are students here at the property and live with their mum here in Kantolomba. Charles is living positively with the HIV virus while his sister is negative. When Charles was born, that is when his parents knew that they were both positive. Through proper care and medication the family is healthy.
Hair styles. Looking cute here at the property, Eva and Eunice show off their hair do's. They are both students in Ethel's class.
December 25, 2014
Meet little Ronika. She is a cute little angel. In teacher Ethel's class she loves to sing the Genki songs and dance to the rhythm. She lives right next door to the property with her parents and has a little baby brother at home. At times he follows her to school.
Smiling faces at the property during break time.
Veronica and Beatrice in the classroom busy with the charts. The All Stars charts are still followed and the teachers need to make sure that they prepare them in advance for the following month.
Now that the rains are here, all sorts of edible veggies are growing on the property. Here, Audria picks some of the veggies popularly known as bondwe. The veggies are a delicacy and are eaten with nshima when boiled.
Comfort looks into the camera. He is growing fast, and soon he too will go to Government school.
John sitting outside the fence while his friends are learning. He is one of the many children in Kantolomba who does not go to school and when it's almost lunch time at the property, he and his many friends come in hope they can have a share.
Listening very careful to their teacher during extra lessons.