January 15, 2015
Pascal, one of the oldest members of our team, smiles for the camera. He says he is still strong and has seen the year 2015 with the help of Living Compassion keeping him on board. Volunteering each day makes him exercise more, and at 76 he is fit.
Peter cleaning the walls at the property with a big smile on his face.
The rains are here and the weather tends to become chilly here in the morning. To get warm the little ones hug together as they sing together their favorite Genki songs and start jumping up and down.
Again it's a 100 percent pass rate here at Living Compassion. Some of our Grade 8 students pose for a photo with Vero and Joy in the back. They do make me proud and I hold my head high as I pass through the community going home. I am hearing whispers of people saying she is really helping our children.
Joan doing the dishes at the property after lunch. She is OK and doing fine now.
Joyce and her two friends are happy to be in Grade 8 and they say extra lessons have paid off.
January 8, 2015
Lunch time at the property. Students enjoy their meal in the dining hall.
Ready to go to Grade One on Monday this coming week. Jack, Elias, and Charles say yes, they are ready to go, and show what they have learnt so far here at Living Compassion.
The ladies sorting out eggs at the property.
Weeding at the property. Grass is growing so fast due to the heavy rains that are constantly pouring here in Ndola and here at Living Compassion. We are here to make sure that no weed makes our property look messy.
Charles and Rhoda, who are siblings, smile for the camera. They are students here at the property and live with their mum here in Kantolomba. Charles is living positively with the HIV virus while his sister is negative. When Charles was born, that is when his parents knew that they were both positive. Through proper care and medication the family is healthy.
Hair styles. Looking cute here at the property, Eva and Eunice show off their hair do's. They are both students in Ethel's class.