April 9, 2015
Charles and Elias help the ladies carry a bag of rice to the store room at the property. Rice is one of the foods that is on the menu for the children here. It is prepared with peanut butter.
Meet little Eva. She is one of the new students just enrolled into the program here at Living Compassion. She says she loves the songs that she has been hearing around the community sung by students from the property. She is 9 years old and has never been to school.
Some of our new students that have joined the family here at Living Compassion.
Poor Foster is not feeling well. She has a toothache.
The two teachers Joy and Ethel pose for a photo as they celebrate yet again another achievement—Living Compassion students were at the top in the end of term tests at Government School.
Water has been a problem in the past week here in Kantolomba. Here at the property, buckets like these would be seen lining up for the clean water.
April 2, 2015
Alice, a student in Joy's class, dances to the popular Genki song "Left and Right." The song is becoming popular even with the new students who just joined the Living Compassion Family.
Leonard enjoying lunch at the property after classes at government school. He is now in Grade 2.
Beatrice's son Purpose enjoys his meal at the property. He is now in Grade 3 and would like to be a teacher when he grows up.
Showing how it is done, Esnart demonstrates to the other students how to count up to 20.
Standing up, the students in Susan's class greet their teacher. The little new students are learning each day at the property.
The ladies prepare the eggs for lunch at the property.
The rains suddenly started after a long dry spell. It was cold for the little ones and their parents had to dress them in warm clothing.