JULY 31, 2014
Clean water for all. Karen carries a bucket of the commodity for her mum. At Living Compassion we have a well which is the only one in the community. It provides clean water for the whole compound and most households depend on it.
Sister Rose with Susan going through her work after classes. Susan is improving in her class work. She did not know anything about schoolwork before she came to the property.
Veronica helping out. She shows that stirring nshima is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
A government school student leads her friends in reading the simple English book "Sara and Robert." Reading is becoming very popular at the property.
JULY 24, 2014
Giving extra lessons to Government School students is one of the most important projects that Living Compassion here in Kantolomba is undertaking in order to help these students improve their English.
Living Compassion puts smiles on faces of children in Kantolomba. Little Sheba and her friend look healthy and strong. It's all because of the good and nutritious meals that are given to them as lunch after classes.
Natasha, one of the girls in the Stay In School program here at Living Compassion. The program helps these young girls to stay in school by providing them with school requirements like books, school fees, etc.
Eugenia demonstrating to the students that learning has no age limit. She shows that she too is learning how to read and write English while she volunteers at the property. She told them that she is lucky to learn how to read here, unlike others who just sit at home. She is now able to write her name and can understand some simple English words and sentences. She encouraged the children that this is the right time for them to learn and study hard while they are still young, for it is very easy for them to understand.