OCTOBER 2, 2014
Emma and her friends read at the property. It is pretty amazing how fast these little ones can easily get the English words in their heads.
Monica, Eugenia and Margret after getting their stipends. It's all smiles.
Pauline and Josephine chat in the dining room during lunchtime. Little Eunice on Josephine's back came for her feed.
Sorry, I tried to wake him up!! Meet our newest member of the Living Compassion team, Susan's new born son. He was born last week and his name is John. So cute!
Susan with her sleeping son
SEPTEMBER 18, 2014
Twaibu and Grade 8 friends putting up their stars at the property. Excitement was in the air when they were told that Jen is coming back home in November.
Reading in Charles's class. Most of the students in his class can now read very well. Marjorie, who is very bright, watches
Zambia's birthday is on 24th October, and here all types of attire in the Zambian regalia are being made and worn by both young and old. Here our little student, who was telling me that her mum bought one for her, smiles for the camera at the property
Joy in class during extra lessons with her students, who are in Grade One at Government School.