Sangha is Inspired

Sangha is Inspired

What inspires and motivates you to participate in
Team 150K for Africa? What are you seeing
as you practice getting HERE and letting life's abundance
flow through you in generosity and gratitude?

What Sangha is Saying

 I am so very excited to participate in fundraising! When happily in the flow of Life, I get many fun ideas. Over time egocentric-karmic-conditioning/self-hate tries to take it away. Then, thank God, your email arrived and Authenticity happily signed up. So easy. So fun. Thank you!
 Thank you so much this opportunity. There was the initial jump at the opportunity followed immediately by resistance. I practiced dropping the story and being open to Life. I do know from Practice that truly nothing is better than participating. Suddenly a team name appeared, followed by a fun fundraiser, followed by an amount. It was clear I was not in charge, whew! I followed the prompts and I am experiencing great joy in the process. Resistance still shows up followed by …let’s see. With every step a door opens and dollars are coming in. So much fun!!!!
 I've noticed a karma not to include people in things I love to do. I want to be closer to my friends and family but they don't practice and it's hard to find things that excite me that we can bond over. I'm inspired to say yes to the "Team 150K for Africa" challenge because it's a way I can explore what stops me from being inclusive. This is a way I can share my love of practice and my enthusiasm for this project with people I love! Looking forward to this practice opportunity!
 I am BEYOND excited! I love this project so much. When I heard the news that more help was needed, I was ALL in! When I went to set my fundraising goal I wanted to go for it and make a number that would really inspire me. The voices immediately “suggested” I tone it back: What if I don’t make it? I realized “I” won’t make it! So I turned it over to Life and kept the number I wanted there! In Gassho to Alll!

Team 150K

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