Project Proposal - Bakery


Douglas's son at the local market selling the bread.

My name is Chanda Douglas. I am a Zambian aged 33 years and married with 8 Children inclusive of double orphaned children whom I have adopted because my 2 brothers died due to Hiv/Aids.

I am in bakery business. I am using my home and I have been using my home and I have been baking since 1998 to support my family. However I fail to make ends meet because my capital is insufficient i.e. the equipment and ingredients are not enough to meet my customers' demands. I use an improvised oven as on Photo which uses a lot of charcoal and my hands to mix. I have tried to source for fund to buy equipment through working here and there but I have failed.

I want to open my own bakery because I enjoy baking and I can support my family through this business, if only I can source funds.

I have found a central place in a border town in my country where there is no bakery and it is very busy with people buying and selling clothes e.t.c. It's a trading place for countries like Congo DR, Tanzania, Malawi and my Country Zambia. I surveyed and found that there is a great demand for Bakery products and I will not have competitors as people there have no interest in bakery business.

I would like to buy equipment like:

1x industrial OvenK 20,000,000.00
1X INDSTRIAL MIXERK 10,000,000.00
1X DEEP FRYERK 5,000,000.00
1X FOOD WARMERK 1,200,000.00
1X DEEP FREEZERK 3,000,000.00
1X BREAD SLICERK 2,500,000.00
8. 1X COOKERK 2,000,000.00
And other small accessories e.g. wrapping plastic phoning bags, baking 
Trays, scales Knives
K 5,000,000.00

The ingredients I would need are as follows:

a) 100X50Kg FLOURK15,000,000.00
b) 10X20Kg YEASTK 7,500,000.00
c) 40X2Kg BAKING POWDERK 800,000.00
d) 5X50Kg ICING SUGARK 750,000.00
e) 5X50Kg SUGARK 750,000.00
f) 5X50Kg SALTK 250,000.00
g) 10X25Kg FATK 2,500,000.00
Food colours and flavors K 500,000.00
Rent of Building 1 year K 12,000,000.00

The approximate loan would be K the total above. I plan to pay back this loan in 3 years in K83,000,000 installments because I know I will be baking not less than K10,000,000 per month. I will employ 9 workers to help me run this business.

Thank you

(NOTE: The total for Douglas' proposal is approximately $25,000 USD)

Douglas using his homemade, 
outdoor over.

Douglas kneading the dough.

Douglas is often commissioned to make cakes for weddings and birthdays. 


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