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Welcome to the Little Monk Stories

Inspired by traditional Zen stories, and by the monks of
Zen Monastery Peace Center and their teacher, Cheri Huber

Words and pictures by Penny Sarvis

Who are monks? They are people who want to study and practice their religion all of the time. To do so they often live in communities called monasteries. There have been monks in different religions, in many different places, for hundreds and hundreds of years.

The monks in these stories are Buddhist. Some of these tales were told centuries ago in China and Japan. Some are happening right now in a monastery in California. The old stories could be new. The new stories could be old. They all tell about people walking a path toward happiness, kindness and wonder.

We offer the stories in the spirit of loving-kindness. This is one of the myriad ways we feel moved to offer the blessings of awareness practice to the world. We love to do it. It takes resources and we invite you to participate by donating as generously as you can to assist in offering the gifts of awareness to the world. It is truly a team effort. You may make a one-time donation or follow this link for information about setting up a monthly pledge. A monthly contribution of any size is a tremendous help to Living Compassion in creating a stable, consistent financial base.  
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