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  Africa Trip Blog
At least once a year a group of Living Compassion staff and retreatants travels to Africa to take the next steps in the Africa Vulnerable Children projects. It is always a life-changing experience.
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  Africa Project Updates
Read the latest updates on our work in Zambia.
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  Muyunda's Blog
Read the latest updates on our work in Zambia from Muyunda, our reporter in Zambia.
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  Cheri Huber's Practice Blog at
From Cheri, "In this blog I will offer what's inspiring me in my own practice. In this way I hope to be in communication with the larger Sangha, expanding the support we all need for maintaining and deepening practice in our own lives." Visit Cheri Huber Practice Blog.
Visit Cheri's page for an archive of her letters to the Sangha. Her books and recordings are available through Keep It Simple and more of her writings are available on her website,
  Living and Dying
This blog came about as a practice opportunity for someone involved with Sangha who is confronted with a potentially life-threatening health issue. The suggestion from the Guide was to use the blog as a forum, much like sharing in group, to assist the person’s own practice in embracing the issue, while simultaneously seeing it as an opportunity for Sangha to remain aware of the process of living and dying in their own practice.
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  The Voices Cartoon Blog
We love bringing fun and laughter to the practice of conscious, compassionate awareness. In that spirit we are offering a cartoon series called “The Voices” about “the voices in your head.” This refers to the nearly endless stream of thoughts we all experience, the constant flow of judgment, ideas, criticisms and opinions that we tell ourselves day in and day out. It is important not to believe the voices have helpful information about us. Rather than believing what the voices say, we prefer the light-hearted approach of noticing them with humor and with compassion for ourselves.
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