Meditation Groups

“Sitting is the gateway to liberation.” ~Dogen Zenji
Meditation is fundamental to Awareness Practice. As we sit, we train ourselves to transcend the habits of conditioned mental processes and bring attention back to the present.
Local Meditation Groups
Sitting with Sangha is one of the most supportive ways to start and maintain a regular meditation practice. Facilitators, trained by Cheri Huber and the Zen Monastery Peace Center, offer meditation groups around the world. Click here for a list of group locations and times.
Virtual Meditation Groups
Virtual Meditation Groups are a unique way to support your practice by meditating together with Sangha on a regular basis, no matter where you live. These “conference-call” meditation groups are ideal if there is no sitting group in your area or if you want to augment the meditation times offered by your local group.
How it works
A few minutes prior to the scheduled time, call the published conference call number. A trained facilitator will guide a group of callers through the meditation.

Click here for a schedule of Virtual Meditation Groups and instructions on how to participate. 

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