Meet Theresa Kapenda

The Project Coordinator in Kantolomba for
the Africa Vulnerable Children Project

Watch her amazing story on video!

Theresa Kapenda is the heart of our Living Compassion team in Kantolomba. Having been born into extreme poverty, she knows first-hand the life of this community. The generosity of others gave her family a hand up and planted in her the seeds of service and giving back. The generosity of all who support the Africa Vulnerable Children Project now makes it possible for Theresa to live her dream of service. She and the rest of our team of women and men in Kantolomba are bringing reality to the goal of transforming a slum into a self-sustaining community.

In 2009, Theresa had her first visit to the United States! We are so grateful that she was be able to visit many of you around the country. Her time here culminated with the Annual Golden Gate Bridge Walk. What a gift it was to all of us to have her participate in the event that raises much of the funding for our projects in Kantolomba. Read more in her USA tour blog.

Theresa with some of the kids in the school/food program.
Watch this fabulous video!  
Kantolomba Child
It is easy and simple to transform the life of a child by becoming a sponsor. Visit our Kantolomba Child Sponsorship page.

Watch her amazing story on video!

Thank you for all you have been doing for Kantolomba. Thank you so much wonderful people of America." --Theresa Kapenda




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