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From the Guide - June 2012


This year the Visiting Monk Program has expanded and improved, benefitting all involved. The Zen Monastery Peace Center has much-needed assistance in several areas, from building to gardening to washing dishes, while the visitors live and train as full-time monks.

Recently someone suggested taking the visiting monk concept to a new level by having a retreat in which everyone would be a monk. Because we often talk about “bringing one’s life into practice,” the working title is “Your Practice.” We’re calling “Your Practice” an “immersion” retreat, realizing not everyone is ready to commit to a month or two as a Visiting Monk but betting there are many who would like to try a modified version for a week. We see this retreat as being for those who have been practicing for a good while and feel ready for a next step. In the retreat, each person would work on a particular issue from their practice, receiving and giving support during workshop sessions. Everyone would participate in everyday life activities, such as cooking, gardening, and cleaning.

Let us know if you’re feeling ready to jump into the deep end of the practice pool! 

In gasshō,