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From the Guide - October 2012


Our retreat season is drawing to a close. The heightened energy of spring and summer is calming. The days are shorter, and while still quite warm, there’s a perceptible chill in the early morning. Leaves are turning. There’s that indescribable feel in the air that signals autumn is on its way. The garden is shutting down, creatures seem to be preparing for the coming cold, and even we humans can feel a slowing, an inward turning toward a softer world of short days, long nights, and perhaps a rekindling of quieter, more interior pursuits—often very conducive to awareness practice.

Much of nature hunkers down through the cold and wet of winter, and many of us desire to do the same. This is an excellent time to take advantage of the shift from the outward focus of going and doing, so much a part of the energy of spring and summer, and move into the refuge that is practice. Fall can be a wonderful time of transition from active to resting, from doing to being, from busy to spacious.

Of course, these choices are always available to us. It is certainly possible to be just as present and attentive in doing as in not doing, for, as we learn in Ecclesiastes, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” If we take advantage of this wisdom, we can enjoy all that Life offers. We can use each bit of it to wake up, get here, be present; drop our habits of turning away from the heart, celebrate all we have, share the abundance, and open to new ways to participate with and give back to Life. Soon we will be in the official time of Thanksgiving—it’s okay to beat the rush and start expressing gratitude right now. So, thank you.

I hope we see you soon at one of our fall/winter practice adventures.

In gasshō,