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From the Guide - February 2013

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in naming the “300 for 1000” Thursday evening radio show the most inspiring, lit-up, and all-round good time activity of all our inspiring, lit-up, fun Year of Deepening Practice activities. And, whether you were a part of that or not, this year we have another chance to join in the festivities.

I’ve been asked if the 300 for 1000 was successful; did it generate the funds to support practice we had hoped it would. The first, short answer is we don’t know. It didn’t occur to us to set up a way to track everything and, truth be told, I’m not sure our systems would have enabled that, had we thought to do it. We have a tendency to get focused on the inspiration and lose sight of the practicalities—a tendency I remain supportive of!

However, though we don’t know about the financial aspect, we do know the endeavor was wildly successful. Many, many people have sent in their thousand dollars and met that monetary commitment. Even more have reported that the changes in consciousness and behavior resulting from the consistent support of Sangha as they took steps into uncharted mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual directions has transformed them.

We’re starting this year a Sangha eager to see what transformations lie ahead. Our Thursday evening calls will focus on “Learning to Love Learning.” The support will be to take on a new challenge and see how we are able to break through the resistance of egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate to re-claim our lives of gratitude, full-participation, authenticity, and, yes, of course, fun!

Hope to be talking with you on Thursday, February 28, our first radio show.

In gasshō,