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From the Guide - September 2014

Many years ago I fell in love with a 1943 Willys Jeep. What an affair it was! And, as with so many affairs of the heart, the time came for us each to move on, I to marriage and motherhood and my beloved Willys to who knows what.

Fast forward to 2002. While driving down the highway one afternoon I spied, sitting there by the side of the road with a large For Sale sign on the windshield, a very close relative of my adored Willys. Slamming on the brakes I bought it on the spot.

I suppose it’s true that nothing quite compares with a first love, but there’s much to be said for older and wiser. We both were, and we had a marvelous time.

Once again the twists and turns of Life pulled us apart. My traveling, health issues (a carburetor here, a fuel pump there), and soon we weren’t having the time together we needed to keep our relationship vibrant. Willys moved to the garage and [tempus kept fugiting] the years rolled on.

Early this summer I knew it was time to face the inescapable; our time together is over and we need to be freed up to explore what’s next for us.

Perhaps you are the one Willys is looking for. Just in case, I’d like to offer you a few details. No one is quite sure about Willys’ year of birth—between 1948 and 1950, which for me, puts it at about 1949! Everything is original except some new used seats, with seatbelts that were not required back then. The color is aqua (yep, and I didn’t do that paint job), and the dashboard sports a Mickey Mouse decal. It’s about as stripped down and simple a vehicle as anyone would ever hope to encounter: three-speed (on the steering column), a choke, and the air conditioning is accomplished through not having a top. The Jeep boys tell me it runs “clean,” which seems to produce lots of satisfied smiles and nods.

I am taking this approach to finding Willys’ next great relationship because I’m hopeful whoever is next won’t put ten-foot tires on it, drop in a massive engine, and paint it neon orange. However, I do understand that I have no say in that matter. I will just cross my fingers and picture a happy ending.

If you are that person, or perhaps know that person, please let me know.  Ah, the other reason I’m taking this approach is that this is a fundraiser for the Africa Vulnerable Children Project.

In gassho,