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From the Guide - March 2015

Comedian George Carlin came up with a way to end war. He said we should all be required to go up to each other, introduce ourselves and shake hands. Then, when someone decided to call a war, everyone would say, “We can’t go to war with them; they’re our friends.

I saw a trailer for the movie “McFarland,” and the fact that I was crying before it was over told me I wanted to see it. A story of the children of farmworkers, often seen as “disposables” in our society if they’re seen at all, achieving heroic results? Sure, I’m in. As with any “makes you glad to be a human being” movie, by the time the credits start to roll you love those people. They’re our friends.

A few days ago I received a request to sign a petition demanding the largest grower of peaches, plums, and nectarines in California stop spraying with toxic pesticides. The company would spray without notifying the farm workers, who would breathe in the chemicals and get sick.  Apparently, it’s illegal to spray without notifying workers. It’s not illegal to spray fruit with toxic pesticides, just illegal to do it without telling people.  The company has not yet been held accountable.

When I first saw the petition I thought, these are our friends!

Do organic fruits and vegetables cost more? Absolutely, and with good reason. Is it tempting to reach for the ones that often look better and usually cost less? Of course. But then, what price are we willing to pay for the good health and wellbeing of our friends?  

In gassho,