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From the Guide - December 2015

We always want to hear more from the Guide!

As we in the “Chakras: Awareness of Energy” email class can attest, that wish has been granted.  It’s almost more than we can do to keep up with the wisdom pouring forth from the Guide’s keyboard.

In the spirit of gratefully receiving the abundance we are given, this month’s article is a set of responses chosen from the email class. All submissions are anonymous.

Thank you, Cheri for your willingness to offer the teachings so freely!

Root Chakra

Tight jaw, nausea, feverish blush, numb lips, grim reaper, emergency lights, all is vague, dim.  The energy of un-belonging, desperation, extreme vulnerability fuels obsessive-compulsive thoughts and separate self-preservation behaviors. Mentor loves me. Lights come on. Unconditional love is living in conversation with Mentor, because mentor loves me unconditionally.


That’s correct! The Mentor is the representation, the “voice,” the feeling, and our experience of unconditional love. What animates us, the energy, the life force, IS unconditional love. When we attend to that, that’s our experience, right? We have an old karmically conditioned habit to attend to the conversation in conditioned mind that leaves us tense, tight, desperate, vulnerable, and willing to indulge those obsessive/compulsive thoughts in conditioned mind. As soon as we have a relationship with the Mentor we know we have an alternative, which is way beyond very good, isn’t it? Gassho

Sacral Chakra

Walking outside, feeling the vibration of the auditory sense of Vang [the sound that accompanies the second chakra], breathing in colors of Fall, different orange hues, the last of the days sunlight.  Sacral area feels full, satiated allowing energy to flow through.   Fun to feel satiated by senses alone and not about food/drink!  Gassho


Egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate IS the experience of dissatisfaction. When we feel ourselves to be separate from Life (identified with ego-I), we feel empty and unfulfilled. No amount of food, drink, love, sex, success, money, etc., can give us satisfaction. Satisfaction doesn’t exist in those things. What satisfies us is thisherenow. When we’re present we’re satisfied—doesn’t really matter what’s going on. If only people could see how much easier and happier it is to want what we get than to get what we want. However, ego maintenance doesn’t want satisfaction. It says it does so we’ll keep attending to it, but the proof it doesn’t want satisfaction is that it’s never satisfied. (Those lovely walks in the woods get even better with the Mentor and R/L.)  Gassho

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar plexus clenched painfully/permanently, chest full of rocks, sensation travels up to center and RHS of brain feels blocked/deadened. Cannot reach feeling of freedom or relief described by others. Fatigue, pain, fear of more pain with every movement. Writing through rocks. So want out. How does one surrender will? R/L


What do you love? What’s the most beautiful thing in the world to you? Do you like puppies, kittens, flowers, sunsets? Is there music that moves you? Do you enjoy giving compliments and expressions of appreciation to those you love? What does love feel like to you? Pick up your recorder and take time to be with and allow to drop in your responses, and then speak your responses to those questions. Listen to what you’ve said. Let yourself be still with an experience of what you love best in Life. Feel that in your body. That’s what surrendering to Life feels like. Gassho

Heart Chakra

Noticing that conditioning wants me not to feel compassion if I can’t “do” anything about the circumstances (environment, poverty, etc). But it seems like my heart resonates regardless. Being open to the feelings might even open me up to something to “do” that would never even occur to conditioning. R/L


Oh, you are wise and correct! In conditioned mind there are no possibilities. There’s a limited, closed perspective on the two sides of a duality, both of which serve egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate. (Sometimes there’s a little variety in the form of “you can feel bad about this or feel bad about that,” but that’s pretty much the extent of what’s on offer.) When we’re here, heart open, moved by compassion, Life offers all sorts of ways to participate. Of course the voices will say, “You’re going to do that? Big deal. That’s nothing. You can’t make a real difference.” But, as we know, those voices lie. All of us doing what Life calls us to do can make all the difference in the world! Gassho

Throat Chakra

Noticing how strong my feelings were and how much I wanted to express. Unfortunately most was negative and attached to blaming someone else. Hard to find a way into my truest self-expression without all the negative blame. Feeling not defeated, but definitely unskilled. Gassho!


The good news is that you have an entire awareness practice ready to assist you. Here’s a first suggestion: Get out the recording device and record everything you want to express. (Do this every time there’s any kind of strong emotion, not just in this one situation.) Say it all. Rant and rave. Go ahead and blame. Uncensored. Then listen. Really hear the person. Let the energy move out of your body via the voice. Listen and hear the whole process. See if the Mentor has some wise and helpful encouragement for you in continuing to have free, authentic, kind, and compassionate expression. Gassho

Sixth Chakra

Hard time with this chakra. Too much to do. Excitement about life and gratitude are low right now.  However, my intuition strong regarding my work. Laughter less than desired.  There’s much indigo [the color associated with the sixth chakra] to see out there! R/L Mentor said to await guidance and know that it is always there. Gassho.


“Too much to do” is arguably the biggest of the modern lies being put forth by the ego propaganda machine. It’s true crapola. No one, from scientist to spiritual adept, will support the notion that there’s “too much to do.” There are too many stories rocketing around in conditioned mind. There are too many beliefs and assumptions that we’re going somewhere other than thisherenow and that urgency will get us there. What urgency gets a person is a lot of stress energy that the ego maintenance system gobbles up, leading to exhaustion, illness, and eventual death. Yes, even medical people now agree that stress is one of a couple of root causes of most diseases. So, too much to do? Just notice that a racing mind doesn’t actually result in accomplishment. (Usually quite the opposite.) I like to remind myself that the moment I keel over is the moment the to-do list becomes truly irrelevant! Gassho

Crown Chakra

Trusting my own natural responses has been a missing piece.  With this trust I can relax.  Without it, I try to fit my actions to a story about how "spiritual" people are supposed to live.  With it, practice and the rest of my life become seamless.


This would be a “yes, and…” moment. What we’re actually learning to trust is Life, not our “own natural responses.” Those can seem like the same thing (what arises in the moment and “my” responses), but “owning” what is an authentic expression of Life can create a big opening for ego-identity maintenance to slip in. Sometimes people, upon learning about “authentic nature,” will say, “Wow, I am god.” Jiyu Kennett said it best when she phrased it, “I am not god, god is all of me.” The wisdom, love, and compassion animating a human form is what some folks call God or Higher Power or Brahman or Tao. “I” is not that. “I” is the illusion of being separate from that animating force, a separate ego that is the subject with all the rest of Life as its object. I encourage you to take up an R/L practice that will get you in touch with said wisdom, love, and compassion via a relationship with its form as a Mentor. It’s the fast way I know to get out of all stories and into the present. Gassho