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From the Guide - August 2016

My current obsession is the word “enough.” I hear people say “It’s good enough” or “It’s not good enough.” There is a sense of a standard that is not acknowledged or articulated. What I did was “good enough” compared to what? Is the “enough” serving any purpose other than fostering a vague sense of dissatisfaction? How about if what I did was just plain good? And if it wasn’t, perhaps the message is to continue until it IS good.

“Enough” seems to contribute to the erroneous belief that in any given moment we could have been better or done better, when, in fact, in each moment we are always doing our best. In the next moment, I might see from the last moment that I could be or do a bit different, and feel more pleasure or satisfaction in effort or accomplishment. And so I can do that. But in “that” moment, yep, that was the best I could do, there and then.  And it was just fine, thank you very much.

Contrary to what the voices in conditioned mind would have us believe, comparison doesn’t help us to be better. It keeps us from seeing how we are.

For your consideration….

In gassho