New R/L Game by Cheri and Ashwini
Zen and the Art of Recording and Listening by Cheri Huber and Ashwini Narayanan is a playful way to establish and deepen a Recording and Listening practice. The "What Universe Are You Creating Guidebook" and the 52-card deck are structured as a game and can be a daily, weekly, or occasional support for Recording and Listening practice.

Create the universe you want to live in, and take Recording and listening to a whole new level of fun. Order your copy today.
Cheri Huber, author of 21 books on Awareness Practice, has been a Zen student and teacher for more than thirty years. Her practice is offered through the Zen Monastery Peace Center and Living Compassion.
Under Cheri's guidance, Ashwini Narayanan oversees both organizations and creates and facilitates retreats. This is their second literary collaboration.
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