Open Air with Cheri Huber Story

“Group” is our shorthand term for the discussion groups we have several times each week whether at the Zen Monastery Peace Center, at our urban Zen Center in Mountain View, or while on retreat at another location. Group is a very important part of the way we do awareness practice because it gives us an opportunity to hear one another processing, with a facilitator, what we are seeing in our own practice. As we sit and listen to one another articulate our opportunities and insights we can see our own stuck places, gain tips and hints about how to move through our confusion and resistance, and find support for taking those next courageous steps in deepening practice.

Open Air with Cheri Huber is a worldwide “group” opportunity. Every Tuesday evening at 4:50 pm PST Michael and Cheri are on the air to facilitate a conversation to support the practice of conscious, compassionate awareness.


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