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How to Listen to Open Air with Cheri Huber
Visit the the Open Air home page for basic information on how to tune in.

Solutions to known problems:

  1. If your web browser is crashing repeatedly while listening to Open Air on Talk Show. Solution
  2. Podcasts have stopped automatically downloading to your computer. Solution

Email Support
If you have trouble listening to the live show, listening to the archives, or downloading the podcasts, and the solutions above don’t work, please email us. INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Your computer type (PC or Mac, PowerPC or Intel-based Mac).
  2. The version of your operating system (Windows 98, Window XP, Vista, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, etc.).
  3. Whether you are listening using dial-up or broadband Internet service.
  4. A detailed explanation of the trouble:
    • is it with the live show, archives, or podcast?
    • does it occur every time?
    • have you ever been successful listening before?
    • has anything changed recently on your computer?

If your web browser is crashing repeatedly while listening to Open Air on Talk Show, you can try the following steps to listen to the show successfully by downloading and installing TalkShoe’s TalkShoe Live! software.

  1. Go the, click Sign-Up, and follow the steps to create an account with TalkShoe. This step is not optional. You must have a TalkShoe account to use their software.
  2. Click the Sign In link at the top right of and sign in with the name and password you created during the signup process
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Download link
  4. Where it says Download TalkShoe Live!, click Download
  5. After the file downloads, double-click on the file, TalkShoeSetup_macos.dmg
  6. Double-click on TalkShoe Live! Installer
  7. Follow the Setup Wizard to install the software on your system. Click Finish when the setup is complete.
  8. To listen to the show each week, first Sign in to
  9. Next, click on this link to go to the Open Air page on

  11. Click the TalkShoe LIVE! With ShoePhone! Icon. You may see a window asking if it is OK to launch the application. Click OK or Launch Application
  12. To listen, click anywhere in the dark box that pops up.

Podcasts have stopped automatically downloading to your computer

If the show wasn't a repeat, and if it has been more than a week since the last podcast showed up in iTunes, DO THE FOLLOWING:

In iTunes, right click the name of the podcast, Open Air Talk Radio with Cheri Huber, and select "Update Podcast". That should force iTunes to connect with our podcasting software and get it working again.

If that doesn't work, click the name of the podcast again, then select Unsubscribe, then select Subscribe.


























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