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Sign up for Practice Everywhere
Several times a day Cheri sends short awareness practice reminders by way of text messages, computer, Facebook, Twitter, and iPhones. When you sign up, you can choose how to receive them.

Read Cheri's Practice Blog
From Cheri, "In this blog I will offer what's inspiring me in my own practice. In this way I hope to be in communication with the larger Sangha, expanding the support we all need for maintaining and deepening practice in our own lives."

Be kinder to yourself than you think you should be
Perhaps the greatest gift we can give the world is to be compassionate with ourselves. When we are compassionate with ourselves, this compassion naturally extends to others. What kindness can you offer yourself today?

Join the Reflective Listening Buddies Practice
The Reflective Listening Buddies Practice offers the opportunity to connect with a Sangha member in another part of the country (or another country) weekly for 30 minutes of practice support. During these calls the two participants take turns sharing and listening.

Let your local independent bookstore know about our books

Sign up for our Daily Peace Quotes
Delivered as a free service to your in-box every weekday, these quotes are short and attributed to people from diverse cultures, spiritual traditions, and views. One subscriber wrote, “I just want to express my deepest appreciation for every one of your peace quotes. I have saved each one; it’s a profound meditation to simply read them one by one.”

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Receive Save the Date emails, project updates, and practice information.

Listen to Open Air Talk Radio with Cheri Huber
Join Cheri and host Michael Gray for fun, powerful, uplifting conversation every Tuesday from 4:50-6 PM PST on Open Air. Listen and call in to the live show or listen to archived shows. Free subscription to podcasts available.

Read "The Voices" Cartoon Series
We love bringing fun and laughter to the practice of conscious, compassionate awareness. In that spirit we are offering a cartoon series called “The Voices” about “the voices in your head.” Rather than believing what the voices say, we prefer the light-hearted approach of noticing them with humor and with compassion for ourselves.







Visit the Sangha Market
The Sangha Market is a special online marketplace where a percentage of each purchase is donated to Living Compassion. It was created and is maintained by a group of volunteers to support an organization they love. (Note: Living compassion does not administer this site and the volunteers do not make any money from sales or from running it.)

Host a “Funraiser” in your community.

Join us at our events and retreats
Held at our Monastery in Murphys, CA; at our urban Zen Center in Mountain View, CA; around the country and beyond.

Sign up for an Email Class
Cheri offers email classes on various topics, ranging in length from a few months to an entire year. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of the latest classes.

Plan now to attend or become a sponsor for the annual Golden Gate Bridge Walk, Find out more...

Support the Africa Vulnerable Children Project—a revolutionary project based in global partnership where local communities on both sides of the Atlantic experience the transformation--the transformation of a poor slum into a thriving, self-sustaining community and the transformation that happens inside each of us as we experience the joy of participation.

Find out about the Monthly Donor Program. Monthly donors are the beating heart of the organization, offering this practice to the world, sustaining the Sangha financially and spiritually.

Find out about meditation and discussion groups throughout the country. These groups are an opportunity to practice with Sangha in your area and provide a focus for deepening practice.


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