Reflective Listening Buddies
cost: $50.00
duration: 3 months


Reflective Listening Buddies is a powerful way to practice conscious compassionate awareness, requiring us to show up and be present for a period of time each week. Initial training and ongoing support are offered in a kind, nonjudgmental environment.

what is reflective listening?

Reflective listening is the art and skill of paying attention to what the speaker is saying and reflecting back what they said in their exact words.

Listen to an example of reflective listening. 

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how it works:

  • Sign up for the quarter.
  • Attend a training call at the beginning of the quarter to get your questions answered.
  • You will be assigned a buddy.
  • Set up a weekly call-time with your buddy.
  • The call lasts 30 minutes and happens every week of the quarter.
  • You and your buddy alternate making calls.
  • Each person has 15 minutes to be the speaker, and then switches to being the listener.
  • There will be support calls during the quarter to look at your process and clarify questions.





Participation in the last 12 months in one of these Sangha Programs:
•     Retreat
•     Email Class
•     Zen Awareness Coaching
  • Training call if you are a first time participant
  • Weekly buddy call
  • Commitment to attending one Support Call per quarter. It is up to you to take responsibility for your own attendance and practice.
  • Non-refundable after registration closes



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