There are 3000 children in Kantolomba. Our goal is to create a community that can feed all of them.

Your donation of $20 a month feeds a child and covers the cost of providing health care, clean water, education, and a safe place to play and learn. It enables us to support the community that runs the program – the teachers, nurses and members of the cooperative that cook and clean and take care of the children.

How do I sponsor a child?
  1. Select the child you wish to sponsor.
  2. Enter $20 in the amount field. You are welcome to donate more for each child if you wish.
  3. Select the frequency of your recurring donation, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Sponsor a Child!

We are unable to accept in-kind donations as we do not have the means to get them into Zambia.

Renew Child Sponsorships
Please use the link below to renew your sponsorship.

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