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See our footage from this trip that aired on CNN.
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Africa Trips

At least once a year a group of Living Compassion staff and retreatants travels to Africa to take the next steps in the Africa Vulnerable Children projects. It is always a life-changing experience.

Although the trips are costly, there is no substitute for going there in person. Experiencing African culture has transformed us. The joy and enthusiasm for life we have seen in the people, even in the face of extremely difficult circumstances, inspires us. It is a perfect model for spiritual practice. We find meeting face to face with our project contact people invaluable. We see the things that have been accomplished since our previous trip and hold meetings to put the next phase of the projects in place.

We ask that everyone who joins us on retreat in Africa be in good physical condition (robust with no infirmities) and have been on at least one retreat with us in the U.S. If you are interested in joining us, please email



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