Gratitude wants to give


Several practitioners have embraced the Five-Mile Challenge as a way to fundraise for the project in Africa. If you’re interested in supporting the project, and don’t have your own fundraiser, you can sponsor someone in Sangha. Make your pledge today. You are welcome to sponsor more than one challenge.


  1. My challenge is to walk or jog five miles a day until I reach 300 miles. I’m inspired because I want to be physically fit to do the things I love. Also I want our family in Kantolomba to have everything they need to have the best life they can.

    I invite people to pledge any amount per mile.
  2. My challenge is living life in the space between the thoughts. I chose it because it is a lifelong dream and because, in the deepest place I “know,” it is the greatest service to All Beings. I am choosing a focus each day, such as Love, and counting how many times I come back to that focus throughout the day. I commit to turning attention to the focus at least 20 times a day for 7 days.

    Please pledge any amount to my goal of at least 140 times of attending.
  3. My challenge is to practice sun salutations for 20 minutes first thing every morning for 30 days and beyond, but starting there!. The sun salutations are a concrete way of making me available to Life, to have the energy for Life, to strengthen the body. Adding yoga to first thing in the morning is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and been stopped from. Doing it with the support of Sangha, and for the love of our friends in Kantolomba, is making Life unstoppable. It’s a training in living how practice shows us it’s possible to live: in constant devotion, devoting a life to choosing Love.

    I invite Sangha to pledge any amount for each day of the 30 days!
  4. My challenge is to walk up and down a set number of steps each day. Doing this will help meet my physical therapy goals as I rehab my knee. It pleases me to use this as an opportunity to support our Kantolomba family.

    Please pledge any amount as I complete my 40 day commitment.
  5. My challenge is to study a painting a day until I have studied 49 paintings. I am inspired to make a commitment that is a step towards strengthening and deepening my studio practice. I am so deeply grateful to be able to practice keeping this promise I make to myself in the service of, and alongside, a community that is committed to providing nourishment to a thousand children every single day. And would love to offer a memento that is emblematic of my efforts and a token of my gratitude to anyone supporting me.

    Please pledge any amount for every painting studied.
  6. My challenge is to explore doing a task I have wanted to do for a long time without being “driven by ego for an ego high,” which would be to complete the task. I am doing this in short sessions of cleaning out a very full storage room. To prepare my mind and body, I’m starting with 2 Sun Salutations. Then I enter the room and set a timer for 15 minutes. Each time the timer goes off, I sing loudly a pre-planned song that I love. So far, I’m finding it exhilarating to practice in this way. I plan to do 5 sessions weekly for 5 weeks.

    Please pledge any amount per session completed
    or a total of 25 session.
  7. I commit to at least 5 minutes of formal Practice every day. On most days I practice much more than 5 minutes, but there’s always the odd day when I don’t do anything practice related. The idea came remembering an old Open Air when someone from the Africa project was describing the process of teaching the kids in Katalomba to show up every day and not almost every day. It was a very fun and compassionate explanation. I want to do it because conditioning has been pretty nasty lately and I need all the help I can get every day and not almost every day.

    I invite Sangha to pledge any amount to my goal
    of not missing a single day.
  8. My challenge is to do 10 sun salutations a day, 70 a week, until I reach 365 salutations. I am inspired because I turned 70 this year and I wanted to celebrate that milestone with my body and mind; doing 70 sun salutations a week and 365 all together for each day of my 70th year.

    I invite people to pledge any amount per each
    salutation to the sun.
  9. My challenge is following a practice schedule to train to live in love, presence and goodness. What we practice is what we have, and I'm inspired to practice what I truly want for this life. The schedule includes daily periods of sitting, dancing, R/L breaks and 10,000 steps/day, and I track the activities on a daily challenge tracker. There are 32 days from when I began my challenge until December 23, the last day of the group coaching program for the Africa challenge.

    Please pledge any amount to my goal of following
    this practice schedule for 32 days.
  1. My challenge is to complete my 15 daily support practices, ranging from wrist push-ups to plank to walk/run 3 miles. Meditation is in there, too! For everyone I do, a slip of paper goes in a jar & that piece of paper has GREAT JOB! or an equivalent written on it.

    I invite people to pledge any amount for each GREAT JOB!
    that ends up in the jar by the end!
  2. I will dedicate time each day to training the mind by working on a class/certification I am pursuing; the body by meeting a daily fitness and nutrition goal; and the spirit by meeting a daily meditation goal. The final day will be a triathlon event. I want to spend 50 days, because I just turned 50, focusing on doing things I love and support me. I also want to support our family in Kantolomba.

    Please pledge any amount to my goal of completing my triathlon.
  3. I have committed to spend fifteen minutes per day for six weeks to put the finishing touches on a long-term writing project. I’m motivated because I’ve been procrastinating on these final steps and am practicing “gratitude wants to give” with a personal donation for each day I complete this commitment. I am doing this for the love of writing, of myself and the Africa Vulnerable Childrens Project. Once the novel is published I’ll also donate a percentage of royalties to the Project.

    I invite Sangha to pledge any amount per fifteen-minute success.
  4. My challenge is to sing every day. I’m inspired to do this because it’s a way to connect with joy. When I sing, I also think about how the cooperative members in Kantolomba sing while they work, so it’s a connection to them as well. If I sing every day until the end of the challenge, that will be 27 days.

    I invite people to pledge any amount per day that I sing.
  5. My challenge is to spend 15 minutes a day (630 minutes total) writing on my book, "Hike Like a Yogi," that blends yoga and mindful movement in the outdoors. I am inspired by this challenge because I have wanted to put pen to paper with this concept for several years, and having the support of practice and sangha is the fuel to overcome resistance and conditioning. I am inspired by the children in Kantolomba who are learning new things every day.

    I invite Sangha to pledge any amount for each 15-minute
    writing segment completed by December 31.
  6. My challenge is to write and record a love letter each day for the next 20 days. Each letter with be a 1/2 page in length. I am inspired to have a series of recordings celebrating “ being” to listen to especially when identified or as a bedtime story. I want to also support our Africa family and to celebrate their “being” and the larger sangha.

    Please pledge any amount for my goal of 20 love letters.
  7. My challenge is to do the Prostrations every day for the next six weeks. I want to do this to help my body get its strength back after having Covid, and because I love being reminded, as I do Prostrations, of being a channel of love, abundance, willingness and creativity, compassion, wisdom and peace. Also I want our friends in Kantolomba to have what they need, so I will donate a dollar a day as I keep this commitment.

    I am inviting people to join me in this challenge
    by pledging any amount per day to support this endeavor.
  8. My challenge is to do a daily series of exercises for my back toward the goal of doing wheel pose. I want to cultivate flexibility and strength for an active, robust, and long life -- just as our friends in Kantolomba are doing for their lives. I will do this training series every single day toward this goal.

    Please pledge whatever you can for each day of training
    through Dec. 31 OR make a leap of faith and make a pledge for every future backbend I do.
  9. My challenge is to snowshoe 7500 strides (steps) per day, for the next 60 days, to reach the goal of 450,000 strides. I am inspired to take on this challenge, so that the proceeds of this fundraiser may support the ongoing inspiring and open-hearted amazing work in Kantalomba. A win-win is that the challenge will also go up against ego's, "I hate winter," so this practitioner may embrace the snowy season, with joy and enthusiasm.

    I invite folks to pledge 75 cents per day/ $45, for the 60 days,
    or any amount they choose.
  10. My challenge is to learn to play the piano. Life dropped this in as soon as I heard the announcement about the Five Mile Challenge. Egocentric karmic conditioning has told me for many years that this is impossible. I am excited to practice following Life’s guidance and to practice proving egocentric karmic conditioning wrong, to do the “impossible" with the support of Sangha, inspired by the girls in Katalomba who achieve the “impossible.” My commitment is to practice piano 20 minutes a day for 30 days and beyond.

    I invite Sangha to pledge any amount per 20 minutes of practice.
  11. My challenge is to increase my daily steps over 31 days to reach 20,000 steps by January 1, 2021. Each day I have a step goal, and it will increase incrementally to meet that goal. I'm inspired to walk for two reasons - First, to take care of and give my feet the best life they can have by moving each day. Second, I remember several years ago when Sangha pledged to walk 52,000,000 steps - the estimated amount to walk from San Francisco to Kantolomba. I'm inspired by that challenge and the steps our girls are walking each day to school for their education. I estimate I will have walked 263,280 steps, which for me is the equivalent of 106 miles by January 1!

    Please join me, if you can, by pledging an amount towards this challenge - a single amount if I reach my goal, an amount for each day I walk, or an amount for each mile I walk.
  12. I was inspired by Edna, the little girl in Kantolomba, who said: "I can do something.” Life dropped in beach cleaning and Life leads me to where the plastics are each day. There are 49 days between Nov. 15, when I began the project, and the end of the year; I pledge to collect a bag a day.

    Sponsor me to collect plastic from my local beaches for 49 days.
  13. Each morning I will recite poetry into my recorder (by poets such as Mary Oliver and David Whyte). Listen often. Also, each day I will spend 10 minutes or more BEING with nature. Being and observing with full attention using the sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch I will make recordings to capture these amazing moments poetically. Those who donate will receive an illustrated page of their poem of their choosing(to be mailed or emailed, your choice.

    I invite Sangha to pledge any amount per day
    or any amount at the end of the 6 weeks.
  14. My challenge is to do the Morning Ritual that we were given at the What You Practice Retreat and to add 10 pushups with each of the different recitations; Love, Abundance, Power of Creation, Compassion, Wisdom, Joy, and Peace for a total of 70 pushups a day. I will do this each day for the next 60 days as a reminder of the spirit of the African Vulnerable Childrens' Project. The push ups will assist to strengthen the body and increase the ability to carry water in a bucket like our friends in Africa do.

    Sangha is invited to support this challenge by pledging a donation for each day the Morning Ritual with the 70 pushups is completed or a donation for the overall endeavor.
  15. I want to get out of the dark room. During this Covid time I found that I was hardly moving and rarely leaving my house. I have committed to doing these three things every day: 1. Record and Listen at least twice. 2. Get outside for a walk or hike, at least one mile, or ride my bike. 3.Do three different kettlebell exercises each for the duration of one song that's fun to move to. I am motivated by how much better I feel already. Raising money for the Africa project, which I haven't done before, will add a whole new kind of happiness.

    I invite Sangha to donate any amount for each day that I keep these three commitments through December 31st.