May 16, 2019
Our cute faces for this week are the babies in Teacher Susan's class. They look so cute!
Florence and Emelda washing dishes.
Memory in class doing what she loves most, which is teaching. Here she helps one of her students, little Nora, write the number 3. Memory is doing a course in teaching right here in Ndola.
Little Getrude looking sharp and focused in class. She likes drawing flowers and singing. She is five years old and lives with her parents here in Kantolomba.
The girls give their best smiles for the camera.
Theresa helping out in the kitchen, stirring the big pot of nshima. This is very good exercise for her and she loves doing it. She says, "It is my pride, feeding the children."
Schools have reopened and students from Twatemwa Primary School are now coming to Living Compassion in uniform. Here some Grade Five students pose for a photo before they have lunch.
Jowen with her daughter Ronica. She has grown so fast and is now in Grade Five at Twatemwa Primary school.
May 9, 2019
Little Eunice and Peace. The weather is chilly, and warm clothing is been worn by the little ones. Those who do not have it have to brave the cold. They sit in the sun for warmth, and some run around.
Regina and Doris in the dining hall getting ready to dish out food to the students during lunch time. In the huge pot are boiled eggs.
Zilo and Brenda put down the huge pot of rice for a breather. The pot is heavy and hot, as it just came off the brazier. The rice is carried from the kitchen area to the feeding area.
Our cute faces of Kantolonmba sit on the veranda as they wait for lunch.
Our two girls Mary Bwalya and Mary Mwanza pose for a photo in their bright yellow uniforms. They have switched school from Lubuto to Zora so that they can catch up with their studies.
Susan Mwanza is now in Grade Eight at Zora School. She says that this time she will make it to Grade Ten.
Audria roasting groundnuts in readiness for Friday's peanut butter rice. The nuts are prepared in advance, as the process is long.
Veronica helping Pauline balance a bag of mealie meal on her head from the stack of bags delivered by the milling company truck.