January 11, 2018
Micheal with his friends after having lunch. These three are buddies--they come to the property together, live close to each other, play together, and are in the same class. So cute!
Natasha cleaning. They say cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Veronica helping out with the cleaning. There is an outbreak of cholera in the country and here at Living Compassion we are taking preventive measures by extra cleaning.
Little Junior with his friend pose for a photo. More of cute faces of Kantolomba!
Hand washing is key here at Living Compassion. Here Martha is washing her hands with soap and water from the bucket.
Veronica adding chlorine to the bucket of water that is placed outside for use by all members of the community who come to fetch water or do other business here.
Mwenya, a Grade Four student at Twatemwa School, poses for a photo.
Audria and Josephine help each other carry weeds out to the dump site.
Ester cleaning in the library. The girls are waiting for their exam results and instead of doing nothing, they come to Living Compassion to volunteer helping wherever they can.
January 4, 2018
Christin and Ester, girls in the program, pose for a photo. They are proud that this year they are going into Grade 9.
Natasha, one of the team members, doing the dishes.
Alex, a student in Malila's class, enjoying a mango that he plucked from one of the trees here at Living Compassion.
The girls having lunch.
Natasha and her friend pose for a photo. Natasha is a funny girl and loves to joke around. Here she was saying that Jen and the USA team have not seen her photo yet in 2018 and asking to please post this one.
Playing ichiyenga.
Regina helping the little ones wash their hands.
Pauline carrying a bucket of nshima on her head to the dining room for lunch.
Going home with some left-over nshima in their lunch boxes. The little ones leave some food for their siblings who are not in the program.