June 7, 2018
Here in Zambia we get a lot of exercise doing activities like cooking nshima, carrying water from one point to the other, going to the fields to cultivate crops, and walking long distances. This is our everyday life, particulary here in Kantolomba, and we are used to this because we live it from an early age. Here Zilo carries a 250-liter empty drum on her head without a problem.
This week's cute faces of Kantolomba. Lovely smiles and very healthy!
So cute, especially with the cap! With this cold weather, little Samuel's mum had to dress him so that he feels warm.
Mapalo with her freind wait for lunch patiently. They are in Grade Two at Twatemwa Primary School and are best friends.
Regina helping Euginia balance the huge pot on her head as they head to the wash area.
Meet Constance, our police constable who came out to Living Compassion on Saturday to do a career talk with our girls in the program. She is based at Twapia police station and is one of the youngest officers there. She took some time off from her busy schedule to talk to the girls upon request from Theresa. She grew up in Twapia and after finishing her course to become a police woman, she came back to serve her community.
Some of the girls pose for a photo on Saturday.
The girls with some teachers and Constance have a group photo taken after the Saturday meeting.
Elias doing some work before library time begins.
Foster cleaning one of the huge pots.
May 31, 2018
Jowen fetching water at the tap. She is a widow and mother of four. She has taken care of her children ever since her husband passed on six years ago. She is very thankful to Living Compassion for letting her continue volunteering in place of her husband. She has put all her children in school and when she got her roof loan she finished her house, which she is currently ocuppying. Her first-born daughter Karen is in Grade 9 this year in a private school that Living Compassion put her in, along with the other girls in the program. She says "THANK YOU SO MUCH TEAM" for being there for her.
The little ones in Memory's class busy writing on the floor.
A science lesson on the board in Veronica's class. This lesson is taught in Grade One, and at Living Compassion we prepare our young ones so that they are ready when they go to Grade One.
Thomas in class. His twin sister is in Grade One at Government School. He wishes to be a pilot when he grows up and his sister would love to become a doctor. The pair are very funny.
A huge pot of soya chunks cooking.
Silvia busy marking the little ones's books in Memory's class. She helps with classwork at Living Compassion.
Helping to mend the fence. Students from Charles's class, who are much older, give a hand at fence mending during their lunch break. For the boys this is like play time.
Charles and Elias mending the fence.
Regina preparing greens called Chinese cabbage. They are eaten with nshima.
Kitchen staff listening to Theresa give them a pep talk about making sure that the kitchen is one hundred percent clean every day and that the food is prepared on time and perfectly.