August 9, 2018
Remember little Debora, who was in Joy and Sister Phil's first English class? Theresa knows that Sister Phil would be overjoyed to see her now that she has grown so big. She is now in Grade Three at Chiluba Primary school in Lubuto. She no longer sucks her thumb, as she used to do when she was three years old. Debora lives with her grandmother (Younger Foster), her mum, aunties, and an uncle.
Richard Bwalya, a student at Future Matters, waiting for his lunch at Living Compassion. Richard is an orphan who lives with his grandmother and older brother. The grandmother does odd jobs like washing peoples clothes around Lubuto, while his older brother goes out each day to Masala market to do pieces of work like carrying loads for people.
Malila with some students from Twatemwa pose for a photo after library time.
Our little Bupe singing to us. She is four years old and is in Susan's class. She has a very cute voice and loves to sing.
Pauline fetching water for her home use at the Living Compassion tap. Lately water from the community taps in Kantolomba has been coming out greenish and smelly. The residents are lucky and have been coming to fetch drinking water from Living Compassion.
Joy and his friends after playing football. The boys like to hang around Living Compassion. Tests are going on at their schools and the children come here as early as 0900hrs, just after finishing writing.
Happy faces of Kantolomba. They are happy, they look healthy, and they love running around Living Compassion.
Our beautiful cute faces of Kantolomba.
Little Nora enjoying a plate of nshima with beans.
Ruth preparing veggies. After her mother passed away years ago, she has grown up taking care of her siblings and taking them to school. She misses her mother but is happy that life has been made easy because she has a family to look to and they encourage her every day. She says the Living Compassion team is her pillar as she goes on each day taking care of her brothers and sisters.
August 5, 2018
Silvia and Mirriam are doing well at their new accommodation near the nursing school, and Theresa had her first visit with them. Here, Jackline, Silvia, Mirriam, and Theresa at the boarding house in Luanshya.
Theresa and Silvia in their room.
Theresa and Mirriam.
The matron Mrs. Chola, Theresa, Jackline, Silvia, and Mirriam outside the boading house.
Outside their room with some gifts the girls received from the Kantolomba team.