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March 26, 2020

The Coronavirus has arrived in Africa, including Zambia. There are just under 30 confirmed cases in the country.

It has been impressive the speed with which the country seems to have reacted. In a place where social distancing is hugely complex—for many folks, daily survival depends on being out in the community selling something—and immune systems already have innumerable challenges to face, it is clear why early and immediate intervention is crucial.

Theresa has been the incredible hero and leader that she always is. She has gotten well-informed on the virus and carefully and patiently explained all of it to the Living Compassion team. They are closely following the health guidelines suggested to them and all gathering has ceased for the time-being. Only the number of cooperative members necessary to cook the day's food come to the property. Everyone else stays at home. They take turns.

The children come in single-file, collect their lunch and go home to eat it. In cases where it is possible, adults are sent to collect the food to minimize children wandering.

As with all of us at this time, we know you will send all your best wishes to the team and the community to head this off at the pass. We have told the team to focus on their health, well-being and community support at this time and not to send us weekly photos.

We will keep you updated on Good News updates on Open Air.

In Gasshō,
Jen and the team

The team gathering around to listen and ask questions on the virus that is spreading. Now they understand the situation.
Everyone that comes to Living Compassion now must have their hands sanitized. Here Charles sanitizes little Bupe's hands before he gets his food.
John cutting the hedge. Our routine cleaning goes on despite everything.
Little Mercy getting her food.
Some of the team members cleaning their lunch plates. They understand that hygiene is important. We are happy that we have clean, safe water here.
March 19, 2020
Our very own Jowen's son Philip, who is in Grade Eight at Twalubuka Secondary School in Mushili. He has grown into a young man.
Our college girls in a happy mood at the college grounds in Luanshya.
Susan getting in her ride from Kantolomba to school in Mushili, where she is learning tailoring.
During routine cleaning, Audria is mopping the dining room with soapy water before the food is brought in.
Beatrice going through the duty roster. Everyone is taking part in the cleaning exercise.
Our very own college girls at their school during a visit from Theresa. They look cute in their school coats!