January 3, 2019
Our two college girls Mirriam and Silvia are here with us for a short holiday before going back to school on the 7th of January. They tell us that they did practicals at Mpongwe Hospital and have learned a lot of things on how to treat patients. We are proud of them.
Our cute little faces of Kantolomba sit in the shade as they wait for lunch.
Natasha is very happy after checking the results and finding that she has made it to Grade Ten.
Some of our Grade Nine students.
Some of the team members clearing grass around the playground area. Happy new year to all!
December 27, 2018
Veronica and Martha share a light moment on Christmas Eve. We had a nice time singing songs, dancing, and sharing a meal.
Weeding to keep our surroundings neat and clean. Grass is growing fast as the rains are pouring almost everyday here.
Monica and her two children pose for a photo. The baby on her back was brought in to be fed.
Elias helping keep the hedge neat. When he is not busy in the library, he helps with other tasks.
Nshima being prepared.
Ann and Bertha sit outside on the veranda, going through a book borrowed from the library.
A view of part of Kantolomba, taken from the top part of Living Compassion.