April 19, 2018
Susan, our very own Grade Nine student at Twabo school, saying that she is confident that she is going to make it to Grade Ten. She is re-writing her exams this coming June.
Jerade, a Grade Two student at Twatemwa School, looking much better after he was sick for some time. Here he waits for his lunch in the dining hall at Living Compassion.
Mirriam, all grown up and now in Grade Four, was one of the students in Sister Phil and Joy's class. She and the other little ones were the first to learn the Genki program. She has not forgotten the songs, and at times when she's at Living Compassion with her friends, they sing together.
Blessing and her best friend relax on the lawn after lunch as they wait for pod time.
Natasha, our team member who was in hospital, is feeling much better and is back at work.
Thandie with her little brother Junior, who had followed his sister to Living Compassion.
Doreen is at Living Compassion during her break from college. Here she is with some of the students.
Our usual cute faces of Kantolomba posing for a photo.
April 12, 2018
Blessing and her friend, both Grade Nine students at Twabo School, at the Living Compassion house. They have started their end-of-term tests.
Due to the ongoing tests, the Girls at Twabo have some time left after writing, so they come here to read in the Library. Here Joyce is studying in one of the rooms.
Some of our team members pose for a photo. In the photo are John (Ethel's son who is on break at school and has been coming to volunteer), Charles, Veronica, Elias, and Peter.
Sorting beans. Dorcus helps during her lunch break. The beans are used for Wednesday's lunch, and sorting is done on Tuesdays.
Some team members enjoying their lunch. Due to the weather that is becoming hot, these ladies opt to eat outside because of the heat inside the dining room.
A big and beautiful smile from Abigail and brother Tom. These siblings are in Veronica's class.
Every Friday at Living Compassion is overall cleaning day, washing windows and walls and removing cobwebs. Here Monica and Regina are cleaning windows.
Foster, Pauline, and Martha working on cleaning and packing groceries in the store room.
Little faces of Kantolomba, Eunice and her friends.