March 7, 2019
Little Ezra in school. He loves singing in class.
Peter carrying trays of eggs that our truck delivered. Eggs are on our Tuesday menu.
John and his friend Isaya are this week's cute faces of the program here at Living Compassion Kantolomba. They are both in Teacher Malila's class.
Little Elizabeth enjoys her food at lunch time.
Some of our team members carrying charcoal to the storage room. Team work!
Mr. Chanda, a community member, comes to Living Compassion almost every day to fetch clean drinking water for his home use. He is one of the many residents of Kantolomba who are always grateful for the safe water that is right there in the community. While collecting his water, he is drinking a popular soft drink called "Yes!"
Samuel having his lunch in the dining hall.
Little Sofia-Peggy carrying her lunch box on her head going home after school. Asked why she has left some food in her box, she answered that she will eat later because Mummy is working and comes home late.
Charles in class. He is the main teacher of our older students, who have scored high when they go to Government School. Hats off to him!
February 28, 2019
Little Samuel going through his book. He has finished his book is going to take it home so that his parents can see what he has been learning here at Living Compassion.
The team sorting beans in readiness for Wednesday's meal. They look bright in their red t-shirts.
Muleba and Christabel pose for a photo. They are Grade Four students at Twatemwa Primary School here in Kantolomba. Both want to go into business when they finish school.
Little Martha is our face of Kantolomba for this week. She is in Susan's class and has a sister in Malila's class.
Misheck waiting for lunch. He is in Grade One at Twatemwa School.
The huge truck that delivers our mealie meal. The gate is narrow and the truck has to be parked outside and the mealie meal carried inside.
Audria in the dining hall helping the little ones with their lunch boxes.
Some of the team members standing behind the bags of mealie meal just after it was delivered.
Grade One students pose for a photo. Little Winter, who is now eleven years old, is the one in the center. So cute!