2020 Programs

At-Home Yoga
Cost/ $30
Duration/ 4 weeks
March 19 - April 9
Non-refundable after registration closes

"Treat your body well so that your soul is thrilled to live in it" –St. Teresa of Avila
Caring for the body is a vital and precious component of practice. Receive support in cultivating and/or strengthening a regular practice of stewarding the body in this at-home gentle yoga series designed for sangha.
Each week, you will receive two practices (some audio, some video): one approximately 15 minutes, and one longer practice ranging from 30-60 minutes. These practices will support you in building flexibility, resilience, balance and vitality through breathing, gentle yoga, and deep relaxation. Each practice will also weave in themes from the yearlong retreat and other elements of awareness practice.

A portion of all fees donated to Living Compassion.