2020 Programs

Socratic Email Class with Cheri
Cost/ $175 - Registration closed
Cost for MoDos/ $150 - Registration closed
Jun 8, 2020 - Jul 1, 2020


Non-refundable after registration closes.



After ten years of apprenticeship, Tenno achieved the rank of Zen teacher. One rainy day, he went to visit the famous master Nan-in. When he walked in, the master greeted him with a question, "Did you leave your wooden clogs and umbrella on the porch?"
"Yes," Tenno replied.
"Tell me," the master continued, "did you place your umbrella to the left of your shoes, or to the right?"
Tenno did not know the answer, and realized that he had not yet attained full awareness. So he became Nan-in's apprentice and studied under him for ten more years.

–from Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
What don’t you yet “know” about your process? What we don’t “know” keeps us from “full awareness,” from being wholly present to Presence. Usually we cannot see the process we are in from within it; having a mirror is of great assistance. A Socratic email class is the perfect way to discover what we’ve not yet seen for ourselves.
If you are ready for an alchemy of seeing around a particularly sticky content area in your life, a process you can’t get past, or a pattern of suffering you need assistance to see through, sign up for this Socratic Email Class with Cheri.
This is how it will work:

  1. You select the focus of your practice for the duration of the class. We will not send assignments as in traditional email classes.
  2. Each person will have 6 interactions with Cheri.
  3. You report on your process via a web-based form.
  4. Cheri will offer guidance and point you in a direction to look.
  5. You will have 5 days to sit with the guidance before responding with what you are seeing about that guidance. You send in what you’ve seen and Cheri will respond with where to look next. You will have another 5 days to practice with that, and so on.
  6. We will email you a schedule of submission dates.
  7. You will be responsible for tracking your own submissions and keeping the timelines of submission and response.
  8. Your submission will not be anonymous to Cheri, but all submissions and responses will be anonymously posted for everyone in the class.
Participation is limited.
Registration will close once the class limit has been reached.