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Email Class: Communication in Times of Stress
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Nov 1, 2019 - Nov 26, 2019


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The dictionary defines stress as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” We often think that difficult circumstances are the cause of the stress, but is that true? If we were completely present, would a difficult circumstance be experienced as stressful?
The Enneagram offers a revealing framework for exploring stress. According to Enneagram scholars, stress is a function of personality rather than circumstance. Otherwise stated, how much stress we feel is a measure of how identified we are. Stress reflects the extent to which we are “in the personality” rather than in pure awareness.
Stress is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.  – Chinese Proverb
Our best tool when stressed might be our ability to say what is going on for us and articulate what we need. But if ego is operating, if we are identified with the karma of our enneatype, clear communication goes out the window, leaving us that much more mired in survival behaviors.
In this class, we will use the Enneagram to bring awareness to how we behave when stressed, what causes us stress, what might assist us in situations we find stressful and how to use communication to get back to the present moment.
Join Cheri in an interactive and exciting exploration of how to alleviate stress through communication rather than suffering in challenging situations.

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