Socratic Email Class: Seeing Through the Eyes of Love

Cost/ $120.00 $100 for MoDos
Date/ April 4 - April 28, 2017

We have the ability to experience ourselves as separate from life.  This illusion of separation, this ignorance of our True Nature as That Which Animates, results in actions that cause unspeakable suffering, for ourselves, our environment, and those around us. Greed and its many cousins—desire, lust, possessiveness, avariciousness—and Hatred’s companions—anger, aversion, rejection, judgment—arise from Ignorance of our interconnectedness with all things.  What else would cause us to destroy the environment or reject a neighbor because of their religious beliefs or vote for a policy that would rob someone of their freedoms?  But awakening to our True Nature and embodying the perspective of the Unconditional is as much a part of our capacity as is the ability to see ourselves as separate.

As Awareness Practitioners, our spiritual practice is tested when we witness what human beings do to themselves and others when identified with the illusion of a self separate from life. In turbulent times, we are challenged not to go to places of hatred, anger, and judgment. Rather, we can embrace them as our best opportunity to deepen practice, choose Center, and strengthen commitment to the Unconditional.

This email class will assist us to explore beliefs and assumptions, karmic tendencies, and identities that prevent us from accessing Unconditional Love and Acceptance.  Whether struggling to make sense of the political climate, grappling with a health issue, navigating a difficult relationship, or any other thorny challenge, this class will ask you to explore the context from which it is possible to “see through the eyes of Love.”

These classes fill up quickly. Register today to participate in another powerful practice that assists in going beyond suffering.

How it works
This class will follow the Socratic format that was so powerful for participants in our debut of it last year.

We will not send out formal classes or assignments. Here is a synopsis of how the class will work:

  • There will be six interactions with Cheri over the course of 4 weeks.  
  • Every 48 hours, you will be asked to send in a guidance request about a process you are working on, a karmic content with which you want assistance.
  • Cheri will respond to each submission with questions, pointing you toward places to look and practice.
  • All responses will be posted with names removed. You will be given a link to the webpage.
  • We encourage you to work on one focus throughout the class. The issue will evolve with the interactions.
Non-refundable after registration closes.