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Cost/ $135.00 $115 for MoDos
Date/ August 1 - August 25, 2017

"What is your trouble? Mistaken identity!" Wei Wu Wei

"Not what the eye sees, but that which makes the eye see, that is the Spirit." Upanishads

"Real transformation—real conversion—requires an awakening to ourselves, as well as taking the journey of discovering the ways in which our soul has become entangled and confused." Rohr and Hudson

Our deep identification with "me," the illusion of a self separate from life, masks our ability to be present to That Which Animates All as our True Nature. Spiritual practice, then, is a process of awakening from the delusion of separation so we can recognize and live what we truly are.

Becoming aware of how "ignorance" is created and maintained is the first step in the movement to recognizing what lies beyond the veil of the personality. Using the spiritual tool of the Enneagram, we will see some of the many ways we are prevented from "recognizing Authenticity in our lives."

The Guide has often encouraged us to drop our fixation on "my Enneatype" to experience how we are all types, just as we are all dimensions of the Intelligence That Animates. Join Cheri in this engaging exploration of how we are each Enneatype and how those identifications prevent us from directly experiencing Authenticity.


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