Upping Your Game
Our theme for 2014: This year’s theme is Upping Your Game. Explore ways to deepen and incorporate practice into your life through Recording and Listening, caring for the body, participating as Sangha, and living in gratitude.

Email Class: Project: Joy
In this email class, the assignments take us out into nature—forest, beach, backyard, the tree outside your apartment window; walking beneath a starlit sky, delighting in the dance of the dragonfly, strolling barefoot through the park—to practice “the joy of Intelligence knowing itself,” of reclaiming our authentic nature with Mother Nature as our guide. Learn to rest in the grace of the world and be free… Sign up...

Recording and Listening Website
This website is a one-stop-shop for resources and inspiration for anyone who already has a Recording and Listening (R/L) practice or who wants to begin one. The site features a weekly blog, resource articles on topics like overcoming resistance or jumpstarting your practice, quick tips and tools to try, inspirational audio clips, training videos on how to organize recordings, and more. Visit http://www.recordingandlistening.org for some spring training drills to up your game!



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