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OUR Theme for 2016
Anjali: Emptying Your Teacup

Anjali means “offering.” We are conditioned to think that “I” can offer or give because I possess something that can be "given." But offering, in the sense of Anjali, is humbly surrendering to receive what Life has to offer. It is to be the empty teacup-to dissolve all identity, giver and receiver-that we may be the offering.

Join us for a year of “Anjali: Emptying Your Teacup,” an exploration of what we must let go of to see what we have to offer.

Registration is now open for 15th Annual Golden Gate Bridge Walk on October 15, 2016.


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To celebrate our Ruby Anniversary, 15 years of doing the work of Living Compassion, we are targeting 15,000 instances of conscious compassionate awareness over 15 weeks. 


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