Yearlong Retreat

"In this way, I do most deeply vow to train myself." — Daily Recollection
When we recite these words before the first sit of the day, we are affirming a commitment to a way of life focused on Practice. As elite athletes of Awareness Practice, we acknowledge that we are in training. We practice turning the attention away from the voices of egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate to being here, now, in this present moment. What is the experience of living in the moment? In the coming year, we get to explore together as a Sangha how to train to live in thisherenow, in each moment. 

Join us for a free video workshop with Cheri to kick off our 2015 practice focus. The practice theme for the year is "Training to Live in ThisHereNow."

Yearlong Retreat - A la cart registration open

The Visiting Monk Program
The Visiting Monk Program is our most advanced and challenging training opportunity. Read More...
Taking Practice to Sangha
Cheri and senior monks will be facilitating workshops around the country. Don’t miss a workshop in your neighborhood. 
December 12 - Workshop with Cheri and Ashwini in Los Altos, CA - Register
December 13 - Cheri and Ashwini will be speaking at
 Open Circle Center,
 Chochmat Halev, 7-9pm, 2215 Prince St, Berkeley, CA, No registration required
2015 New Year's Retreat in Menlo Park, California
There's an adage that states, "How you end one year is how you will spend the next." As Sangha we want to spend each moment practicing conscious, compassionate awareness. Welcome in a new year of practice with Sangha.

December 27 - January 1 - Register
Reflective Listening Buddies Program
This program offers the opportunity to connect with a participant in another part of the country (or another country) weekly for 30 minutes of practice support.

October 15 - January 14 - Registration has closed
Email Classes
Email classes are a perfect opportunity to deeply explore an aspect of practice. Assignments on the topic of the class are emailed twice weekly. You then work on the exercises, send in what you see, and receive guidance. Exchanges are posted anonymously so all participants can benefit from what Sangha is seeing and the Guide is offering in response.
October 30 - November 23 - Registration has closed
Guidance Days
Guidance Day offers an opportunity to schedule a phone guidance session with a monk or senior practitioner. 

December 19 - Register



Mark Your Calendar!
14th Annual Golden Gate Bridge Walk in San Francisco - celebrating the Project.

October 3, 2015


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