Yearlong Retreat: Upping Your Game
A series of Email Classes and At Home Workshops will be offered under this year's theme, Upping Your Game. Explore ways to deepen and incorporate practice into your life through Recording and Listening, caring for the body, participating as Sangha, and living in gratitude. Register for all of them at once (to seriously up your game!) or individually as the year unfolds.

Registration has closed - Yearlong Retreat Schedule
The Visiting Monk Program
Deepen your practice and train as a monk in the Visiting Monk Program at the Monastery. This program is our most advanced and challenging training opportunity. It is recommended only for those who are steeped in practice and have participated in all of the training opportunities that the Monastery offers--retreats, workshops, email classes, etc. It is offered on a month by month basis throughout the year. Email us at if you are interested in this program. There are prerequisites for this training.
There Is Nothing Wrong with You
This is the challenging, joyous, fulfilling, courageous, demanding, loving, kind, and compassionate work of freeing oneself from the ravages of conditioning and self-hate. It is a great first retreat, a prerequisite to many of our other retreats, and well worth repeating--often. As follow-up support for this transformational work, six weeks of individual coaching with a Zen Awareness Coach is included.

August 8-15 - Highland Lakes, North Carolina - Registration has closed - If you would like to be put on the waiting list for this retreat please send your request to
Taking Practice on the Road
In keeping with our practice focus of Upping Your Game, we are taking practice on the road. Cheri and senior monks will be facilitating workshops around the country. Don’t miss a workshop in your neighborhood.

August 16 - One-Day Workshop with Jen Colmore in Athens, Georgia - Register
August 30 - One-Day Workshop with Cheri and Ashwini in Dayton, Ohio - Register
September 7 - An afternoon with Cheri and Ashwini in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
October 25 - One-Day Workshop with Cheri in Felton, CA
Eightfold Path
The Buddha taught that it is possible to end suffering in this lifetime. For those of us who choose a spiritual life, the Eight-Fold Path is a map to freedom. It is a hands-on, practical prescription for ending suffering. In this retreat we will explore the Buddha’s teachings through the lens of awareness practice, assisting us to incorporate the wisdom of the teachings into our daily life and practice. Through lively interactive workshops, practical and experiential awareness practice exercises, and guidance sessions with the Guide, get a fresh perspective on the teachings that make the Dharma, the joy of intelligence knowing itself, a living—and lively—experience..
Your Practice (a Monastery retreat)
Customize this retreat based on what is current for you in your practice. Through group discussions and individual guidance, you will be facilitated in exploring the aspect of your practice you choose to focus on. There will also be time for a Monastery nature walk, working meditation, afternoons of sesshin-style sitting practice, yoga, and skills workshops around Recording and Listening and reflective listening.

July 23-30 - Registration has closed
Precepts Renewal (a Monastery retreat)
If you have accepted the Precepts with Cheri this is an occasion you don’t want to miss. Spend four days with other experienced practitioners, including the old timers (as we lovingly call them), who pioneered this path of the heart, paving the way for all of us. There will be time for celebration, group discussions, and a special ceremony for renewing our commitment to the Precepts at the heart of the practice. This is a true family reunion for this Sangha, and we invite you to come and celebrate with us.

October 9-11

Walking Retreat (a Monastery retreat)
Please check back for this retreat's description.

October 14-19
2014 New Year's Retreat at Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park, California
There's an adage that states, "How you end one year is how you will spend the next." As Sangha we want to spend each moment practicing conscious, compassionate awareness. Welcome in a new year of practice with Sangha in the beautiful surroundings of the Santa Sabina retreat center.

December 27 - January 1
Reflective Listening Buddies Program
This program offers the opportunity to connect with a participant in another part of the country (or another country) weekly for 30 minutes of practice support.

October 15
Stop Drop & Text Practice
We often say "how you do anything is how you do everything." Through sending text messages, Stop, Drop & Text encourages mindfulness of "how you do" daily life. This new practice is yet another powerful support for Upping Your Game! 

September 1-27      October 20 - November 15      December 1-26
Email Classes
Email classes are a perfect opportunity to deeply explore an aspect of practice. Assignments on the topic of the class are emailed twice weekly. You then work on the exercises, send in what you see, and receive guidance. Exchanges are posted anonymously so all participants can benefit from what Sangha is seeing and the Guide is offering in response.
  At-Home Workshops
These retreats offer a full day of teleconferenced, at-home practice. Each retreat includes group discussions and exercises on a special focus for the day, such as relationships, working, art, mentoring, and more!
  • July 19 - Loving the Game - Registration has closed
    We have conditioning on the run! It is now time to sharpen the focus and support the heart as we go into the home stretch of our practice year. How do we keep the heart open and the focus on lovingkindness? How do we support ourselves against karmic conditioning as we move towards the finish line of our 2014 practice goals?
  • September 13 - Exploring the Spirit of Play
    Here is the great paradox of spiritual practice: we play the game with everything we’ve got, yet are unconcerned about keeping score, winning or losing. Let’s explore the attitude of mind/heart that is embodied in Holy Indifference – wholehearted participation with no attachment to results.
  • December 6 - Post Game Celebration Living in Gassho is living in gratitude, hearts truly one. The world overflows with goodness, the goodness we inherently are. From there, we can only feel joyful and grateful. Hard to imagine a better way to celebrate the end of a season of play!
  Guidance Days
Guidance Day offers an opportunity to schedule a phone guidance session with a monk or senior practitioner. 

December 13



Mark Your Calendar!
Thirteenth Annual Golden Gate Bridge Walk in San Francisco - celebrating the Project.

October 4, 2014

Registration details will be posted when available.


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