Yearlong Retreat

Join us for a year of "Anjali: Emptying your teacup" -- an exploration of what we must let go of to see what we have to offer. Registration has closed

Yearlong Retreat -- À la carte registration.

Practice Weekends at the Zen Monastery Peace Center 

These special Practice Weekends are an opportunity to participate in the monastic schedule. From Friday evening group with the Guide to Sunday morning group with the community, participants enjoy support for deepening practice in the peace and beauty of the Monastery. Each weekend will include guidance appointments with Cheri or Ashwini and a practice activity, such as sesshins, hikes, gardening, work projects, yoga or art.

August 19-21      

Taking Practice to Sangha

Cheri & Ashwini will be facilitating workshops around the country. Don’t miss a workshop in your area!

Felton, CA – September 17 – Workshop at Namastay
Mountain View, CA – December 10 – Workshop

There Is Nothing Wrong with You Retreat

​This is the challenging, joyous, fulfilling, courageous, demanding, loving, kind, and compassionate work of freeing oneself from the ravages of conditioning and self-hate. It is a great first retreat, a prerequisite to many of our other retreats, and well worth repeating--often.

June 30 - July 7 in North Carolina - Registration has closed
August 3-10 at the Zen Monastery Peace Center - Registration has closed
October 1-8 at the Zen Monastery Peace Center

The Zen of Rumi Retreat 

Rumi’s poems echo the deepest longing of our hearts. They are a summons to experience the ecstasy of being alive, to participate in the joy of Intelligence knowing itself. We can’t help but quiver in response to the exquisite beauty and poignant mystery of Rumi’s poems. Join Cheri and Ashwini in a joyful, even ecstatic, exploration of awareness practice through the lyrical poetry and practical wisdom of Rumi.

June 20-25 in Carmel, CA - Registration has closed

What You Practice Is What You Have (a Monastery retreat)

"The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention." This retreat reveals the “how” of that practice maxim and provides tools for having the life our heart desires. It's like no other retreat we've offered. Let go all your assumptions about "Zen Retreats" before you sign up for this one. This is an advanced retreat and requires a deep grounding in Zen awareness practice, as well as a committed Recording and Listening practice. A "There is Nothing Wrong with You" retreat or a "Not What, But How" retreat, plus at least one email class with Cheri on Recording and Listening are prerequisites for attending this retreat. 

July 15-22 at the Zen Monastery Peace Center - Registration has closed

Hero's Journey Retreat

Anyone doing spiritual practice is on a hero's journey. We meet our mentors and face our demons and draw upon our reserves of courage to encounter and transcend what we fear most. Join Cheri and Ashwini on a fun and unusual retreat to explore the nature of this path that we are walking together.

The retreat will be held in the beautiful St. Francis center and will include yoga, delicious meals, and guidance with Cheri.

September 1-6 in Bethlehem, PA

Precepts Renewal (a Monastery retreat)

If you have accepted the Precepts with Cheri this is an occasion you don’t want to miss. Join other experienced practitioners, including the old timers (as we lovingly call them), who pioneered this path of the heart, paving the way for all of us. There will be time for celebration, group discussions, and a special ceremony for renewing our commitment to the Precepts at the heart of the practice. This is a true family reunion for this Sangha, and we invite you to come and celebrate with us.

October 16-17 at the Zen Monastery Peace Center

15th Annual Golden Gate Bridge Walk for the Africa Project

Mark your calendars for this very special event when we celebrate the 15th year of our work with children and families in Kantalomba, Zambia.

October 15 – San Francisco, CA

New Year’s Retreat

​There's an adage that states, "How you end one year is how you will spend the next." As Sangha we want to spend each moment practicing conscious compassionate awareness. Welcome in a new year of practice with Sangha.

December 27 - January 1 in Menlo Park, CA

Reflective Listening Buddies Program

This program offers the opportunity to connect weekly for 30 minutes of practice support with a participant in another part of the country (or another country).

July 15 - Register     October 15

Email Classes

In email classes we deeply explore an aspect of practice. Assignments on the topic of the class are emailed twice weekly. You work on the exercises, send in what you see, and receive guidance. Exchanges are posted anonymously so all participants can benefit from what Sangha is seeing and the Guide is offering in response.

August 2-26     October 25 - November 17

Stop, Drop & Text

​We often say “how you do anything is how you do everything.” Through sending text messages, Stop, Drop & Text encourages mindfulness of “how you do” daily life.

August 29 - September 17     November 21 - December 17


Mark Your Calendar!
15th Annual Golden Gate Bridge Walk for Africa Vulnerable Children Project.
Mark your calendars for this very special event when we celebrate the 15th year of our work with children and families in Kantalomba, Zambia.
October 15 - San Francisco, CA


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