Yearlong Retreat

Join us for a year of "Anjali: Emptying your teacup" -- an exploration of what we must let go of to see what we have to offer. Registration has closed

Yearlong Retreat -- À la carte registration.

Practice Weekends at the Zen Monastery Peace Center 

These special Practice Weekends are an opportunity to participate in the monastic schedule. From Friday evening group with the Guide to Sunday morning group with the community, participants enjoy support for deepening practice in the peace and beauty of the Monastery. Each weekend will include guidance appointments with Cheri or Ashwini and a practice activity, such as sesshins, hikes, gardening, work projects, yoga or art.

October 28-30 - Registration has closed

Taking Practice to Sangha

Cheri & Ashwini will be facilitating workshops around the country. Don’t miss a workshop in your area!

Felton, CA – October 22 – Workshop at Namastay - Registration has closed

New Year’s Retreat

​There's an adage that states, "How you end one year is how you will spend the next." As Sangha we want to spend each moment practicing conscious compassionate awareness. Welcome in a new year of practice with Sangha.

December 27 - January 1 in Menlo Park, CA

Reflective Listening Buddies Program

This program offers the opportunity to connect weekly for 30 minutes of practice support with a participant in another part of the country (or another country).

October 15 - Registration has closed

Email Classes

In email classes we deeply explore an aspect of practice. Assignments on the topic of the class are emailed twice weekly. You work on the exercises, send in what you see, and receive guidance. Exchanges are posted anonymously so all participants can benefit from what Sangha is seeing and the Guide is offering in response.

October 25 - November 17 - Registration has closed

Stop, Drop & Text

​We often say “how you do anything is how you do everything.” Through sending text messages, Stop, Drop & Text encourages mindfulness of “how you do” daily life.

November 21 - December 17

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