Monthly Donor Program

Monthly donors are the beating heart of the organization, offering this practice to the world, sustaining the Sangha financially and spiritually.

Monthly donors provide consistent, reliable financial support for maintaining the daily operations of Living Compassion and the Zen Monastery Peace Center. Although monthly donors are sometimes offered special rates for certain practice opportunities, please note that monthly donations are in addition to donations made for other things, such as retreats, gift cards, Reflective Listening Buddies, or sponsoring a child in Kantolomba.


  • • Being a part of sustaining the entire Living Compassion and Zen
      Monastery Peace Center community.
  • • Making a commitment to yourself and your spiritual practice.
  • • Phone guidance appointments, on scheduled days, a special practice
      opportunity for monthly donors contributing $45 or more to the Monastery
      or Living Compassion per month (there is a $20 charge for this
  • • At-home working meditation days offered at a discount.
  • • Recordings of Sunday groups at the Monastery are available on
      the web, only to monthly donors.


Go to our donation page and set up a recurring monthly donation in any amount. The donation can be designated for Living Compassion, Zen Monastery Peace Center or divided between both.


Monthly donations continue to be the most useful form of support for the organization. It is amazing how everyone pitching in sustains us all. If you are not yet a monthly donor, this may be a good time to look to see what might be possible. We have heard from many people who were being talked out of participating because the voices told them their contribution would not make a difference. It does—a tremendous difference!
Plus, we’ve seen an unanticipated bonus. Monthly donors have been stepping up participation in our new offerings--email classes, conference calls, workshops available by Skype--in unprecedented numbers, giving us a feeling of greater connection all over the world. And the greatest gift of all is the joy that comes from working together to make a difference, in our own lives and in the well-being of all.
Several people have sent in their experience of becoming a Modo, a term we affectionately assign to monthly donors:
"When I became a monthly donor, I was mostly interested in keeping the practice alive and available. I didn't realize how much it would deepen my participation with so many ways to plug in, be a part of Sangha, and have support for practice. I thought I was doing the giving...but now I see that receiving is also a huge part of being a monthly donor."
We thank you for all the ways you participate in Living Compassion and the Zen Monastery Peace Center.

Renewing a recurring donation
The following link can be used to renew your commitment should you choose to do so:
Secure donation update form

Updating credit card information
The following link can be used to update the credit card information used for your recurring donation:
Secure credit card update form


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