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Ordering directly from Keep It Simple helps support the Zen Monastery Peace Center's schedule of workshops and retreats and the monks-in-residence, who are charged with the daily running and maintenance of the Monastery. We are deeply grateful for your support.
A Digital Library from Cheri Huber
Audiobooks and new recordings. All recordings are MP3s. Download to your MP3 player or listen at your computer. Each flash drive comes with instructions for saving the files to your hard drive.
     The Practice of Listening - A Digital Library from Cheri Huber


For every 100 Meal Tickets purchased, we will include a beautiful giving bowl. (while supplies last!) -- $25
Meal Tickets and Giving Bowl Set
Giving Bowls
Beatrice is a true rustic potter. She forms, glazes, and fires beautiful pottery using only her hands and a fire pit she has dug in her backyard. Read more...
Meal Tickets
Text on meal tickets--"The purchase of this card provided a meal for a child in Kantolomba, an impoverished community in Ndola, Zambia, Africa." Some ways to use them.... Tuck them into gifts. Leave them along with tips for waiters, hotel staff, etc. Give one to anyone to whom you want to express appreciation.--Give them in packs of 20 as gifts to coworkers. Use them as business cards. At work, clip them to requests, e.g., "Please fill out and return by 5:00. Thanks, _____."


These organic t-shirts make light-hearted play on the voices in our heads. On the front, a voice asks "Voices?" A second replies "What Voices?" A third voice laughs at the fun. A small logo is printed on the back.
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These two books must be Keep It Simple's best kept secret! The rave reviews facilitators endorsed by the monastery nationwide have expressed:
Sweet Zen is my favorite book! -- The reason I'm at the monastery practicing full-time is because of Trying to Be Human. -- Trying to be Human saved my life!
Buy these books together and get a copy of This Side of Nirvana by Sara Jenkins FREE!
$20 for the collection of 3 books

Be the way you want the world to be. Express the view that peace in the world starts with you. A revolution from the inside out.
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Meditation Kit
Everything needed to begin a meditation practice or to support the one you already have

3-Inch Rin (Meditation Bell)
with cushion and striker
Cushion (Zafu)
Mat (Zabuton)


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