2018 Programs

Conscious Compassionate Action
Cost/ $50
Duration/ 4 weeks
Thursdays, 4-5pm P​DT​
March 15, 22, 29, April 5
Non-refundable after registration closes

Recently, the Guide laid out a beautiful plan for practicing presence as an alternative to withdrawing, closing down, and going unconscious in these difficult times: Conscious Compassionate Action.

Participants will look at the question, “What do I want instead for the world?” and then be supported through weekly practice commitments, group conference calls, and email check-ins.

In the words of the Guide: In the beginning this might be quite an exploration. As time goes on you’ll be clearer and clearer. Do you want kindness? Compassion? Love? Respect? Appreciation? The next step is where we enter “A Conscious Compassionate Action Movement.” Now we get to offer the world what we want for the world.

A recording device is required for participation​.​

Group Coaching consists of:

  • a weekly group call with a Zen Awareness Coach.
  • a mid-week email check in
  • Recording and Listening suggestions and tips