2018 Programs

Parenting with the Mentor
Cost/ $50
Duration/ 4 weeks
Fridays, 4-5pm P​D​T
March 16, 23, ​30​, April 6
Non-refundable after registration closes

Parenting is one of the richest content areas for waking up and ending suffering.​ Whether your "child" is 2​ ​weeks old, 30 years old, or anywhere in-between, bringing in the Mentor will add wisdom and love to the process of parenting. We are supported by Sangha, a weekly practice commitment, group calls, and a mid-week email check-in.

A recording device is required for participation​.​

Group Coaching consists of:

  • a weekly group call with a Zen Awareness Coach.
  • a mid-week email check in
  • Recording and Listening suggestions and tips