2020 Programs

Mornings with the Mentor
Duration/ 4 weeks
September 9, 16, 23, 30
Wednesdays at 7:20 to 8:20pm EDT/ 4:20 to 5:20pm PDT
Registration by Sept. 2, 2020
Non-refundable after registration closes

What would it be like to wake up every single morning with someone who loves you unconditionally and who is dedicated to supporting you in setting intentions for a life free from conditioning?

Mornings with the Mentor is a four-week group coaching program in which participants commit to spending at least 10 minutes every morning creating recordings to set intentions for the day and listening to recordings that support those intentions.

During the course of this coaching program, participants will experience what it is like to start the day basked in unconditional love and acceptance. Note: all participants must have a recording device and a basic understanding of the R/L Practice as described in What You Practice Is What You Have or on the website,

A recording device is required for participation.

Group Coaching consists of:

  • a weekly group call with a Zen Awareness Coach
  • a mid-week email check in
  • Recording and Listening suggestions and tips