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There Is Nothing Wrong With You

Going Beyond Self-Hate

It is impossible to end suffering while indulging self-hate. Unless we have gone beyond self-hate, we cannot hope to see ourselves as the Unconditional Love that we are. As we so often say, spiritual practice does not begin until the beatings stop. In support of recollecting who and what we are, the focus of 2023's yearlong retreat, we offer this recording.



The Fear Book

Facing Fear Once and for All

All conditioned humans are limited by fear. Fear is ego. The process of fear is how our life energy is used by the ego to maintain itself. Especially in challenging times, we want to practice transcending fear. Included in this revised edition of The Fear Book are step by step instructions for working with fear using Recording and Listening Practice, and how to use recordings in situations in which fear arises.



The Key and the Name of the Key Is Willingness

“If the answers you are seeking were in the places you have been looking, you would already have found them.” – Cheri Huber

The Key is Cheri’s first book, published in 1984. Here are many of the teachings of Zen expressed in ways that make them accessible to western novices—and “old-timers” too. Highly recommended to add to your all time re-reads.



The Depression Book

Cheri often says that if someone is doing a Recording and Listening practice, they cannot be depressed. This new edition of Cheri’s widely-read Depression Book has been expanded to include a self-guided retreat that incorporates R/L exercises. Find out how to use this powerful practice tool in a compassionate exploration of depression.