Africa Project Update

The girls program in Kantolomba has many different aspects to it—girls in different grades, different courses, and different schools. There's a lot happening all at the same time, and there are also many moments of waiting, not knowing what will happen next.
Recently, I watched an energy surface as someone who just wants to know: “What is going to happen with (fill in the blank), or when will we know the results of xxx? ‘I’ am getting tired of not knowing! ‘We’ need to figure out what to do!”
And in the midst of this energy burst, life dropped in a reminder of something I heard at a retreat several years ago. "Relax into the gentle kindness of ‘I don't know.’”
Deep breath. Let the energy just move on through. Embrace it, don't resist. Relax into it. There is nothing to figure out. Just be present to what is. 
It was so helpful to be reminded of this because I project the "want to know" is a process of urgency, of haste, of fixing and solving. And one thing I have experienced, and continue to learn, is how unhelpful it is to act out of urgency. What is more helpful is to sit, to question, to discuss, to reflect.
So as we meet each week as a team to discuss the project, I’m reminded that the way this project has unfolded so beautifully has been from that place of not knowing, and the great opportunities that come from relaxing into that gentle kindness and being available to all. It is that awareness and approach that has brought us to all these different options for our girls, ones "we" never could have "known"!