Practice Corner

About six months ago, my employment at the time started to look unstable. I was getting feedback that my boss wanted me to be more confident, or there wouldn’t be a future for me at the company. I received other feedback that seemed similar to me. 
Soon after that, I called into Open Air and spoke with the Guide. It was an enlightening experience! The encouragement I received, as I understood it, was to not run from the situation, but to “step up to the plate,” boost my confidence, and express my authentic, confident self through my work. I took that guidance and proceeded to live it as best I could. As it turned out, my company let me go from my job a few weeks later.
I spent several months looking for a new job. My family needs the income, and so conditioning piled on the pressure. But I listened to that recording almost every day, and it became my bedrock support. My only option was to find new employment, and I began to see “the wisdom of no escape.” There were no other options! I needed confidence and support to find my new employment, and that recording and all other forms of Practice supported me in my journey.
I received an offer for a new job about a month ago and have completed my first two weeks of work there. The new job seems great so far. Practice sustains me in the good times and in the challenging ones. I am forever grateful, as always, for the Life that has been given to me through Practice. I pay homage to all of the practitioners who have sustained this Practice for millennia, so that I may benefit from it today. I gladly pay that debt forward for the next generation of practitioners.